Risky cities: Mexico City

Mexico City is a flood-prone area due to its location. In addition, this Latin American metropolis is at risk for earthquakes. In this Risky cities fact sheet, we look at the potential impact of these events.

The flooding caused by Tropical Storm Ernesto in 2012 reminded many in Mexico City not only of the power of Mother Nature, but the lay of the land. This city of over 8 million people is lies in an ancient lake bed. This means that when it rains hard, like it did with Ernesto, the water has to be pumped out rather than be left to drain on its own.

There are actual drainage systems, but they become clogged with garbage as the rain washes down.

In Risky cities: Mexico City (PDF, 958 KB), we examine not only flood risk, but the risk of earthquakes in this economic hub as well. Most importantly, we also look at the millions of people potentially impacted by the combined risk of natural hazards in the city.

Download Risky cities: Mexico City (PDF, 958 KB) and learn more about how our data can help build urban resilience.

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