Expert Spotlight: Andy Castaldi

Urban resilience isn't just an issue for cities such as Tokyo, New York or Paris. Bustling areas in emerging markets have a stake in building resilience as well.

In our latest Expert Spotlight, Swiss Re Head Cat Perils Andy Castaldi explains why urban resilience is a global issue and how media attention affects how much attention overall is paid to an area hit by a natural disaster. Castaldi also shares why cities should not go it alone when preparing for risk.


Published 18 September 2013

Managing climate and natural disaster...

Re/insurance plays an important role in managing climate and natural disaster risk, and that's why it's part of Swiss Re's core business.

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Twenty-five years have passed since Hurricane Andrew roared ashore in Florida as a Category 5 hurricane, devastating parts of the state to become one of the defining events in the history of the US insurance...

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