Embracing Solvency II together

The EU insurance market is evolving with the introduction of Solvency II. It is demanding a different approach to strategy and products. In this new environment, reinsurance can enhance capital allocation, reduce economic costs and support product innovation. Swiss Re’s experience and track record will enable clients to successfully adapt.

Solvency II comes into force on 1 January 2016 and supervisors are already applying the principles of Solvency II to monitor the preparation and readiness of companies. It is clear that although risk exposures will not change overnight on 1 January 2016, capital requirements will. Reinsurance can play a key role in enabling compliance from day one.

Solvency II will allow greater control of how volatility and exposure are accounted for.  As a result, reinsurance can have a precise and measurable effect on clients' capital requirements. Specific, tailor-made reinsurance solutions will provide significant benefits for insurers' balance sheets. Swiss Re's experience with Solvency II, together with our enhanced product portfolio and well diversified risk portfolio, enable us to offer effective solutions to our clients.

Contact us to find out more about the upcoming changes, the tools and services we provide to our clients and the role reinsurance can play in the new regulatory environment. All stakeholders will face changes and success will come from embracing Solvency II together.

Governance, ORSA and reporting provisions

Solvency II will introduce new rules on company governance and the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA). Reinsurance is recognized as an effective tool to mitigate risks, therefore the adequacy of...

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Capital requirements

Solvency II provides for precise measurement of risk exposure. Tailor-made reinsurance products will allow optimization of risk capital for each product line.

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