Smart Homes

The world is becoming an indivisible data-driven environment. The Internet of Things is the enabler to a change that will emerge from new behaviours, the sophistication of knowledge and the machines' ability to predict events. The potential impact of connectivity on loss mitigation at homes is triggering a shift in mind-set within the household insurance industry, encouraging to re-think the business model from claims handling to preventive services.

Swiss Re is enabling clients to capitalize on sharper risk insight to increase their customer engagement and profitability through customized dynamic offers and by making people safer at home. We are fast-tracking our clients' access to market by providing

  • Artificial intelligence for risk scoring and dynamic pricing
  • Predictive analytics to increase customer engagement
  • Assessment of the impact of connectivity on loss ratios for underwriting models and steering risk portfolios
  • A curated ecosystem of distributors and tech players

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