Life & Health Solutions

Life and health insurers are challenged from all sides to innovate and grow in the face of formidable challenges including prolonged low interest rates, tech disruption, and an increasingly savvy digital consumer.  Couple this with the exploding possibilities of new data sources, analytics and automation and you have an insurance environment that's ripe for finding new ways to grow business and improve the value of what's already on the books.

We bring the knowledge, expertise, partnerships and tools you need to solve challenges that span the value chain.

Grow your business through technology data and automation

Magnum helps to streamline your consumer journey, lower costs, improve efficiency and tap into a new analytics and insight about your business that provide a powerful competitive advantage.

Our automated L&H underwriting system now processes an average of more than 30,000 applications each day via insurers around the world who've plugged into Magnum's powerful package of automation backed by the world's #1 underwriting manual, Life Guide.  Find out how you can do the same.

Grow your business through product innovation

We work together with insurers to provide new ways to protect and manage the risks for diseases like diabetes, cancer and dementia and address the many widespread challenges of an ageing population.

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Improve the value of your business through active inforce management

Lower lapse rates. Preserve heathier lives. Increase profitability. We help insurers mine hidden value in their inforce books, keep customers covered and free up capital for other uses.

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