Innovating Solutions with Consumer Insights

An individual consumer considers many things before making a decision, and the same applies to buying insurance. Individuals who travel overseas frequently in a year are more exposed than those who travel less. People with friends, neighbors or family who have experienced a catastrophic event will be more attuned to the need for home protection. Similarly, experiences with healthcare issues will make one think more about personal health protection. How does a consumer find out about the insurance he or she needs? What goes through a consumer's mind in the buying journey?

As a risk knowledge partner, Swiss Re understands the value we can bring to our clients by providing insights into their consumers. A study of over 3,500 respondents in China was conducted to find out more about Chinese consumers' purchase behavior in three specific insurance products – Travel, Health and Home insurance.

Our studies reveal that there are many opportunities in understanding Chinese consumers' purchase behavior. Looking at factors that influence their risk awareness, search behavior for insurance products, and how they use traditional and digital distribution channels, Swiss Re can share deeper insights into Chinese consumers and collaborate with our clients to develop innovative solutions that drive insurance penetration to close the protection gap.

Travel Insurance