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Swiss Re Global Flood Zones™: enabling better business decisions

Flooding is a global hazard. And flood exposure is growing, especially in highly vulnerable areas along rivers and coastlines. Swiss Re Global Flood Zones™ provide detailed flood hazard information for any location worldwide.

The USD 12-billion-dollar loss during the 2011 Thailand flood was a shock to the insurance industry. It was also a painful reminder that flood losses can be as high as earthquake or hurricane losses.

This disaster, among others, highlights the lack of consistent flood hazard information. To support the industry, Swiss Re is updating CatNet®, its natural hazard information system, with Swiss Re Global Flood Zones™. The enhancement will offer more accurate flood risk assessment on a global level.

Launched in August 2000, CatNet® has developed into a widely recognized information platform for clients and business partners alike. The inclusion of Swiss Re Global Flood Zones™ further enhances the tool's risk assessment capabilities, enabling users to take better business decisions.

The Global Flood Zones enhancement to CatNet® is scheduled for release this month.

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Published 4 April 2012

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