Swiss Re Adds Cancer Insurance Underwriting Guideline on Life Guide

Swiss Re enhances Life Guide, the first evidence-based online underwriting manual in the industry, by including guidelines on cancer insurance underwriting. With the addition of comprehensive information on cancer − the leading cause of death in Korea.

Swiss Re has enhanced Life Guide, the first evidence-based online underwriting guideline in the industry, by including information on cancer insurance underwriting. With an additional 174 pages on cancer insurance, the Life Guide is now more user-friendly than ever. A noteworthy feature is a list of most of the major diseases that client companies face at the time of underwriting in the Asian market, where cancer insurance products are very popular.

“Cancer is the number one cause of death among Koreans and it has become increasingly prevalent, putting more pressure on patients as well as the government. Accordingly, the insurance industry has shown strong interest in cancer-related products, but to date there have been no separate guidelines for cancer insurance underwriting,” said Su-Jin Park, Director and Head Underwriter of the Korean branch of Swiss Re. “Swiss Re is the first among global insurance companies to provide information on the subject, and in doing so it is contributing to the underwriting business and profit generation of domestic insurance companies. Swiss Re will continue to add and update the guidelines for cancer insurance underwriting in the future,” she added.

As the first comprehensive evidence-based manual in the industry, Life Guide is a valuable everyday resource used by thousands of clients in 90 countries around the world. Life Guide is currently published in 10 languages, including the Korean version that was launched in September 2013.

April 14 2014

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