Swiss Re Life Guide: A matter of sound decisions

In this rapidly changing modern world, underwriting tools need to evolve to provide appropriate support in making sound decisions. In response to client feedback, Swiss Re's renowned evidence-based, on-line manual – Life Guide – has been enhanced to ensure it keeps pace with the significant changes in the insurance industry.

"Adapting to people's lifestyle changes, medical advances and technological developments is essential to an underwriting manual," explains David O'Sullivan, Swiss Re's Head of Global Life & Health Underwriting. "But where our solution stands out is the philosophy of constant improvement, backed by regular technical research and client input. The latest changes will help thousands of underwriters with their decision-making processes in over 90 countries, and covering nine languages."

Expert development

Life Guide has been developed in association with our team of expert underwriters, doctors and actuaries, who monitor the latest global developments to provide data for the manual. The combination of this work and the way the information is structured is at the core of Life Guide's value for underwriting teams. What's more, it's a useful training tool and reference source for underwriters and medical officers alike.

The new enhancements, released in October 2010, include:

  • Faster navigation: You will be able to find what you want in fewer mouse clicks
  • A more intuitive search engine: Including improved text search and Google-search option
  • Multiple page viewing facility: Allowing the simultaneous management of many enquiries
  • Personalised view settings: You see only the information you want, in the way you want to see it
  • Content updates: Revisions of guidelines in a number of areas, including a major update on offering critical illness after cancer, minimising the use of exclusions

Continuous improvement

"We have developed Life Guide over the years through using past experience and looking forward to anticipate future developments," continues David. "These enhancements focus on improving clients' experience with this vital underwriting tool.

"This is just the first next step in our long-term investment in Life Guide," he concludes, "because, in underwriting, we know that sound decisions matter."

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