Life Guide 2012 - An update...

In October 2010 we introduced Life Guide's new 'look and feel'. We reformatted the way Life Guide delivers information while maintaining its encyclopedic content. We introduced Tabs so underwriters can multi-task more efficiently while using Life Guide on their increasingly complex underwriting cases. My Settings allowed users to set up Life Guide to meet their particular needs.

That was only the beginning.

We'd like to share some of Life Guide's exciting new features coming out in 2012.

Simplified technology

It's been more than 10 years since we rolled out Life Guide on a CD. In 2004 we moved Life Guide to the web to mirror our CD version. You needed certain 'plug-in' technologies such as Java for the Table of Contents, Flash for the calculators, to name a few. New state of the art web technology eliminates the need for these plug-ins, other than for some archive features.

Cloud based Notes

Life Guide's Shared Notes feature, while popular, remains underutilized. Our recent update enhanced its visibility, embedding Notes in pages, adding color coding to indicate if populated and allowing them to be expanded or collapsed according to user settings.

We’ve made Shared Notes much easier to install. We’ve introduced central storage or what we call Cloud based Notes. No more central network drive or IT support is needed.

Portability – Cloud based Notes makes the feature available wherever a user logs in. You’ll no longer have to be connected to your company’s network drive. That’s a big efficiency enabler in today’s remote underwriting world.

Easier install – No IT support to install Shared Notes. Just a simple click of a button to connect Shared Notes on all users under a common ID.

Improved Search function

After our 2010 update, users told us they missed some of Life Guide’s previous search functionality and suggested areas to improve. The result is a redesigned Search interface featuring:

  • Consolidation of Life Guide's current index search and free text search into one easy to use engine.
  • Searches display the top 20 logical choices with an option for more results.
  • Improved method to integrate 'keywords' and commonly used terms to display pages (e.g. abbreviations, lay terms, even commonly misspelled words) thus increasing your ability to find the information you need.

Ratings Cart

You’ve told us you would appreciate a mechanism that allows you to 'track and capture' the impairments you are reviewing on individual cases. The answer: a new tool called the Life Guide Ratings Cart. Users will simply click on a given impairment rating or ratings and the Ratings Cart will be populated with both the impairment and the rate. Users will be able track results by case and then either copy the contents to insert into their underwriting system or create a PDF of the detailed results. And, click on the rating in the Rating Cart and you will be returned to the specific impairment page in Life Guide. Hit 'Clear' and you can move on to your next case.

Our goals remain the same …

When sound decisions matter, you can count on Swiss Re's Life Guide!

Want more information on our 2012 updates to Life Guide technology? Please let us know. Contact your Swiss Re representative for more information or assistance.



Internet Explorer (IE) has various versions ranging from 6 to 9. IE 6 was released in 2001 by Microsoft. In 2006, IE 7 was released with significant modifications to the underlying architecture. Performance of modern systems like the new 2012 Life Guide simply are not optimal under IE 6 and unacceptable service issues arise. For that reason, the 2012 release of Life Guide will not be supported under IE 6. We realize some of our clients may still be using IE 6 and we will continue to make the existing version of Life Guide available to them for a limited time. The older version will not have the new 2012 functionality and when we do add new content to Life Guide, later in 2012, we will not be updating this older system with the new content.

We're optimistic though that the vast majority of companies will have migrated away from IE 6 by the time we release Life Guide 2012. We have the capability of letting you know what browser your users are accessing, including version number. Please let us know if we can help!

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