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September 20 - 21, 2018

SOA Predictive Analytics Symposium
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN

September 20

11:00 am – 12:15pm

Meet Boyi Xie, Senior Analytics Professional, Swiss Re, who will be presenting on the following topic:

Introduction to Natural Language Processing and its Application in Insurance

When we talk about data, one usually thinks of numerical data in a tabular format, however, the development of text mining techniques made it possible for the analyses on unstructured, textual data. Natural Language Processing is a field in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that focuses on data relevant to human languages, such as words and documents. In this session, we will introduce the development of Natural Language Processing, and its application to the insurance industry, such as information extraction from submission documents, identifying events and trends from news articles and classifying lawsuits into loss scenarios for experience studies.

1:30–2:20 p.m.

Meet Mustafa B. Dinani, FSA, MAAA, Product Mgr & L&H Predictive Analytics, Swiss Re, who will be presenting on the following topic:

Text Analytics: Using Unstructured Data To Predict Changes In Risk or Identify New Risks, Known and Unknown

Over the past decade, information has become increasingly available in a digital format, especially unstructured data. This type of data comes in various forms and there is a wider use of metadata to enhance information contained within the unstructured data. This development in unstructured data creates new opportunities to analyze information to identify changes or new developments in the risk profile across the world. This session will discuss potential approaches that can be used to predict and identify new, old, known and unknown risks.

Meet Gershon Henoch Firestone, FSA, Product Development & Marketing Actuary, Swiss Re, who will be presenting on the following topic:

Digitalization of Underwriting

Digitalization of underwriting has three primary impacts: 1) Changing the way business is done due to automation; 2) Better understanding of the business; 3) Changing the way data is used. This session will explore the impact of the three listed above, as well as case studies on the comparison of data available today.

2:35–3:25 p.m.

Meet Boyi Xie, Senior Analytics Professional, Swiss Re, who will be presenting on the following topic:

Optimizing Application and Underwriting for Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is facing two challenges: 1) complicated underwriting procedures that include many triggers that have little indication of future risk; 2) Loss of clients due to over-complicated application processes. We rely on predictive analytics (PA) to develop accelerated underwriting processes to better quantify risk and to help refine underwriting triggers, while simplifying the application process and maintaining accurate risk estimation. This session will present a predictive analytics (PA) framework for a professional liability portfolio.

September 21

8:00–9:15 a.m.

Meet JJ Carroll, Head New Solutions Group, Swiss Re, who will co-present the General Session on the following topic:

View from the Top: Panel of Industry Leaders on the Future of Insurance

Never before have insurance companies been so vulnerable to disruptive emerging technolgies. This session will discuss the thoughts and visions of industry leaders about what technologies and techniques will transform the industry.

9:30 – 10:45am

Meet Jillian Badanes, Analytics Consultant, Swiss Re, who will be presenting on the following topic:

Developing New Solutions: Interactive Design Thinking & Prototyping Workshop

The best predictive analytics (PA) projects start with a clear business challenge. For insurers wondering where to start, Swiss Re will lead an interactive session applying design thinking methodology to better understand the best opportunities for digital innovation, and explore how to efficiently develop and test innovative solutions.

Meet Matthew Zeigenfuse Cognitive Data Scientist, Swiss Re, who will be co-presenting on the following topic:

End-to-End Solution for Accelerated Underwriting; Using Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve Underwriting Efficiency; Predictive Life Underwriting in Action

Implementing Accelerated Underwriting (AUW) is a pressing issue for many life insurers today. The current underwriting processes suffer from long delays due to use of lab tests and need for manual underwriter intervention for all applications -  steps which are necessary to reduce mortality risks and assign applicants to correct risk classes. Our vision of an accelerated underwriting process implementation involves a layered approach to processing incoming applicants wherein a majority are processed without use of lab tests and with automated risk classification tools. This session will present such a vision along with the series of predictive models required to implement this vision, related data sources and data-driven techniques that power these models. Learn how to take predictive analytics (PA) beyond statistical theory, and see how to create applications that generate create value for your organization.