Keeping our finger on the pulse of life and health

Swiss Re is committed to helping clients solve problems, including finding ways to optimise capital, manage new areas of risk and improve overall efficiency.

We understand that the duelling demands for efficiency and transparency place growing demands on our clients, but we also see these as opportunities to help.   As our industry moves forward, changing social demographics – especially ageing populations – a renewed focus on solvency and capital, along with increasing competitive, consumer and regulatory pressures all factor into our clients' success.

Our job is to adapt with our clients to these changing needs through creative thinking and smart innovation.

Life and Health focus: an eye to the future

Today's changing industry and social landscapes constantly push us to think about new approaches and new ways to be prepared – and ultimately to help consumers better prepare – for what lies ahead.   At Swiss Re, we always look for ways to help our clients reach more consumers with better solutions and ultimately, ensure more people around the world have the life and health insurance protection they need.

New solutions

Successful innovation requires a solid launch pad. Clients bring their in-depth consumer and distribution expertise and gain the support of our extensive experience, knowledge, research and a strong capital base.  Using these tools, we have partnered with clients to pioneer longevity solutions in both public and private sectors. In addition, our expertise is helping clients grow their medical insurance business throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Swiss Re also continues enhancing underwriting tools to bolster our clients' ability in responding to their customers' demands for higher levels of service. They improve efficiency in underwriting and sharpen risk selection.

Operational excellence

Admin Re® transactions offer clients both capital and administration solutions for legacy portfolios. New versions of our prestigious underwriting tools, Life Guide and Magnum, have been launched this year. Both these instruments are testimony to the way we support our clients and respond to increased demands for high levels of service, all the while balancing optimal risk selection with underwriting efficiency.

Transforming and trading risk

We’re seeking efficient ways to transfer risk to the capital markets, enabling us to offer capital solutions to our clients and to maximise our own efficiency, ensuring we can be responsive going forward.

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