Engineering: enabling progress

Engineering projects often push the boundaries of the tried and tested, involving risks along the way that are hard for the insurance industry to assess, and harder still to underwrite. To close the gap on both fronts, Swiss Re Global Engineering is at the frontier of technology. We constantly develop and tailor protection products with our clients as new technologies and exposures evolve. Our team is creative, proactive, collaborative and pragmatic. We share our knowledge, are eager to learn from clients and actively foster their growth. We call it being smarter together.

Global Engineering writes both treaty and facultative reinsurance in the same team. We leverage local access and knowledge with global experience. Our broad product offering, robust capital strength and close client partnerships allow us to design and deliver tailored solutions beyond standard insurance from 14 locations in mature and emerging countries. We are committed to making the world more resilient by developing innovative protection products for advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Riding on the winds of change

We met up with Patrice Nigon, Head of Engineering Asia, Swiss Re, on reinsuring wind energy projects in Asia.

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Opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland

The epoch-making Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland officially opens on 1 June 2016. With its two 57 km single-track tubes and a rock overburden of up to 2300 metres, it is not only the world's longest...

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