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Smarter together in EMEA

Together with our clients and partners, we have been shaping the re/insurance industry for more than 150 years, providing solutions that address current and future increasingly interconnected global risks. Long-term partnerships and strategic collaboration help our clients to better manage liability risks and grow profitably.

We help partners prepare for the direct and indirect consequences of an accumulation event, to confidently grow in emerging markets, and to improve risk selection by means of increased business transparency and risk understanding via our unique forward-looking approach.


Working smarter together in Motor for EMEA

We joined with our clients to find a solution to address the long-tailed nature of periodic payment orders (PPOs).

  Working together with clients to find cyber risk solutions

Data breaches have been in the news lately. See how we're working with customers help them address cyber risks.


Working smarter together to provide tailor-made Solvency II solutions in EMEA

The European 'Solvency II' regime has made capital relief solutions key for many of our clients. Learn how we develop Solvency II solutions to fit their needs.