The future is NOW

We’re at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution. Advances in computing and telecommunications over the past decades are delivering unprecedented technological breakthroughs such as the Internet of Things, telematics, wearables, mobile devices and opportunities for collaborative working in almost every field. We’re seeing innovation in biotechnology, transport, energy, physics and even space travel. The ubiquity of sensors and data transmitting devices is also creating a wealth of data that companies and governments around the world can use to offer better products and services.

But while these technologies are bringing huge benefits, they’re also creating fresh challenges. Mining that data is not easy, and global interconnectedness is heightening companies’ accumulation risk.

In the meantime, new risks continue to emerge, from  autonomous cars and 3D printing to drones, while cyber risks and their accumulation potential are already at the top of many companies' agendas. But when it comes to future risks, for which we have no past data, we need new approaches to understand and anticipate what may lie ahead and build solutions to cover the associated risks.

At Swiss Re, we combine our clients' in-depth knowledge with our unique forward-looking approach to identify future casualty trends. This partnership approach allows us to anticipate risks and their impact, and thus better manage future exposures.

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