U.S. Broker Teams

Swiss Re America provides the security, flexibility and expertise clients expect from a world-class reinsurance partner. Our dedicated broker market teams focus on creating strong, long-term relationships with our brokers and clients.

Working with our brokers, we use all of our superior capabilities and resources to help clients achieve their goals such as profitable growth, sustainable financial security, and consistent service to their own customer base. Solutions can range from simple to complex and include the following:

•    Large line capacity for Property and Casualty business
•    Creative traditional and structured solutions, including multi-year terms
•    Industry-leading underwriting services
•    Superior capital strength with a conservative, liquid balance sheet

Our dedicated broker market teams are located throughout the country in Westlake Village, CA; Schaumburg, IL and New York, NY.  


Swiss Re’s GBG helps facilitate...

The Global Broker Group (GBG) has the principal role of fostering the ongoing strategic development and monitoring of Swiss Re’s relationships and growth with the global brokers.

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Social network sites – new legal...

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