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sigma 2/2012

Swiss Re’s sigma on natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2011 unveils USD 116 billion in insured losses and record economic losses of USD 370 billion

2011 saw unprecedented economic losses of USD 370 billion from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters. Despite immense insured losses of USD 116 billion (a 142% increase over the previous year) arising from record earthquake and flood losses, the insurance industry weathered the year well and played a key role in risk management and post-disaster recovery financing.

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The essential guide to reinsurance: Solutions to 21st century challenges

In this in-depth guide, Swiss Re introduces the concepts of reinsurance and highlights the essential function reinsurance has in enabling progress and contributing to the stability of the economy and society.

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Operational hazards in the oil & gas industry

In the oil & gas industry, exposures from operational hazards do not receive the same attention as those associated with a plant’s process hazards and location characteristics. This report suggests the way a plant is operated is indeed a main determinant of its risk exposure.





Climate Change

Climate change

Agricultural Risk Solutions

Agriculture Risk Solutions


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sigma study

2010 Annual Report

Global insurance review 2011 and outlook 2012/13


sigma study

The essential guide to reinsurance

Says Swiss Re's Chairman of Global Partnerships, Michel Liès:

“Integrated disaster risk management would help governments to organise and coordinate finance reconstruction and recovery efforts more effectively. It would also allow them to cover disaster exposure in a cost-effective way, and make prevention part of the broader disaster planning processes to reduce the nation’s overall risk profile.”


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Closing the financial gap: Public-private innovations in disaster risk financing

Swiss Re's report, “Closing the financial gap: Public-private innovations in disaster risk financing" features some of our most innovative transactions and shows how governments in different regions have used risk transfer products to prepare for the economic consequences of catastrophic events.

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