Swiss Re launches architecture competition for new office building at Mythenquai

25 August 2008, Zurich

Swiss Re is planning a new office building at its Zurich headquarters at Mythenquai 50 to replace the current premises, which dates back to the 1960s. Recently, 12 teams of architects from Switzerland and abroad were invited to submit proposals for the development. The technical section of the jury, chaired by well-known Viennese architect Adolf Krischanitz, comprises four prestigious figures from the world of architecture, and representative of the City of Zurich. Also on the high-profile panel are members of Swiss Re's Board of Directors and Executive Board, as well as construction experts. The winning project will be announced in the spring of 2009

As befits Swiss Re's tradition, the new building will be of the highest quality in terms of architecture, city planning and ecology. Considerable attention will also be paid to energy conservation issues in the planning phase. Comments Adolf Krischanitz: 'Swiss Re has a proud tradition of commissioning superior buildings equipped and finished to a very high standard. At the lower end of Lake Zurich, close to downtown, Swiss Re's new building will become a defining feature of Zurich's cityscape. This fact means that all parties bear a special responsibility towards the citizens of Zurich."

Before inviting architects to submit development proposals, Swiss Re thought long and hard about the design of future workplaces and their importance for the company. In the form of a mission statement, Swiss Re consequently defined a set of general principles that should also apply to the company's corporate architecture.

The six Swiss and six international teams of architects listed below were invited to submit proposals for the development:


Claus en Kaan Architecten, Amsterdam
Cino Zucchi, Milan
Xaveer de Geyter, Brussels
Cruz y Ortiz, Seville
Dominique Perrault, Paris
José Lluís Mateo, Barcelona


AGPS, Zurich
Christian Kerez, Zurich
Devanthéry, Lamunière, Geneva
Diener, Diener, Basle
Patrick Gmür, Zurich
Peter Märkli, Zurich

The jury consists of two sections: one technical, and one non-technical.


Chaired by the well-known Viennese architect, Adolf Krischanitz, the technical section of the jury is made up of four leading figures from the world of architecture, together with Franz Eberhard, Director of the Zurich Office of Town/Urban Planning.


The non-technical section of the jury comprises four members of Swiss Re's Board of Directors and Executive Board.

Notes to editors

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