The Great Warming premiering on Discovery Channel

23 April 2004, Zurich

The TV series "The Great Warming" supported by Swiss Re is premiering this week on Discovery Channel in Canada. The global TV project is part of Swiss Re's "Sharing Solutions" initiative that raises public awareness on issues dedicated to a sustainable future. The documentary shows the effect of climate change.


Filmed in eight countries on four continents, the three-part TV series "The Great Warming" exlores the underlying science and evidence of climate change. From the badlands of Alberta to Peru and around the world, the documentary examines clues to Earth's ever-changing climate to learn what today's changing temperatures may mean for our own futures. Experts, including Swiss Re's climatologist Gerry Lemcke, participated in the series and sat on its advisory board to ensure the documentary would impress on its audience the importance of moving towards more climate-conscious behaviour and business practices. Singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette and actor Keanu Reeves are the narrators.
"Swiss Re is committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible company," says John Coomber, Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Re. "We are taking a leadership role by putting strategies in place that will deal with the risks (and the opportunities) of our changing climate."
For global reinsurer Swiss Re, climate change entails more than just risk – efforts to providing cover against its adverse effects and to abate climate change are also creating new business opportunities. Swiss Re is fostering broad awareness of climate risks and has committed financial resources and know-how to support "The Great Warming".