Disclosure notification in accordance with Article 20 of the Swiss Stock Exchange Act

19 January 2004, Zurich

Swiss Reinsurance Company (Swiss Re), Mythenquai 50/60, 8022 Zurich, announces that, on 13 January 2004, the voting rights of Swiss Re held by Franklin Resources, Inc., USA, known as Franklin Templeton Investments, through a number of its Group companies listed below, in the capacity of investment manager for mutual funds and clients, fell below the threshold of 5%.

Group companies:

  • Fiduciary International, Inc.
  • Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC
  • Franklin Advisers, Inc.
  • Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.
  • Franklin Templeton Investments (Asia) Ltd.
  • Franklin Templeton Alternative Strategies, LLC
  • Franklin Templeton Investment Management Ltd.
  • Franklin Templeton Investments Australia Ltd.
  • Templeton Global Advisors Ltd.
  • Templeton/Franklin Investment Services, Inc.
  • Templeton Asset Management Limited