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29 Dec 03 Swiss Re receives Japan branch license
19 Dec 03 Swiss Re officially opens China branch in Beijing
16 Dec 03 Swiss Re sigma preliminary estimates of catastrophe losses: despite natural catastrophes, 2003 will go down as a moderate year for property insurers
10 Dec 03 Swiss Re's Insurance Review and Outlook: in 2004 non-life industry to benefit from improvements. Life insurance industry continues to recover: optimism for insurance stocks
10 Dec 03 Swiss Re touts opportunities for the strongest companies
08 Dec 03 Swiss Re obtains USD 400 million of extreme mortality risk coverage - its first life securitisation
03 Dec 03 New Swiss Re sigma study: World insurance in 2002: high premium growth in non-life insurance
29 Nov 03 Swiss Re Korea helps Maemi victims with winter Kimchin
13 Nov 03 New Swiss Re sigma study highlights: What the insurance industry can learn from financial crises in emerging markets
12 Nov 03 San Francisco and Zurich to form knowledge-sharing partnership
10 Nov 03 New Swiss Re focus report: ‘Nuclear risks in property insurance and limitations of insurability'
03 Nov 03 New Swiss Re publication examines the question: Is ecological damage insurable?
03 Nov 03 Swiss Re completes acquisition of the closed insurance portfolio of Zurich Life one of Zurich Financial Services' life operations in its first Admin Re transaction in the United Kingdom
30 Oct 03 Swiss Re implements ten-year programme to become fully greenhouse neutral: a combination of reducing in-house emissions and cooperating with the World Bank
07 Oct 03 Swiss Re wins Asian Reinsurer of the Year 2003
25 Sep 03 New Swiss Re Technical Publication deals with insurance aspects relating to gas turbomachines in the power generation market
24 Sep 03 New Swiss Re sigma study, "Asia's non-life insurance markets", sees a positive outlook for non-life insurance in Asia
22 Sep 03 UNDP, Swiss Re and the Harvard Center For Health and the Global Environment embark on groundbreaking study
18 Sep 03 Swiss Re receives China national branch licence
16 Sep 03 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re chief US economist
04 Sep 03 New Swiss Re sigma study shows: reinsurance poses no systemic risk
04 Sep 03 Weldon Wilson named to Swiss Re Executive Board and CEO of Swiss Re Life & Health America Inc.
03 Sep 03 Joint US and Japanese team launches major new earthquake study of Tokyo
01 Sep 03 Large dams: sustainability requirements are as important as economic considerations
29 Aug 03 Swiss Re reports strong earnings increase to CHF 691 million in first half 2003 - Total premiums earned up 19% in original currencies - Shareholders' equity increases CHF 1.2 billion to CHF 17.9 billion
21 Aug 03 Swiss Re study: Insurance company ratings
20 Aug 03 Prion infection on the rise? Hospitals in need of modern risk management
13 Aug 03 Swiss Re and Czech technology company launch flood risk assessment tool: improved flood risk selection and underwriting for the Czech insurance market
12 Aug 03 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re chief US economist
12 Aug 03 Swiss Re welcomes completion of Gerling NCM transaction
11 Aug 03 Swiss Re obtains USD 205 million of catastrophe protection through the Arbor programme - the successor of PIONEER
06 Aug 03 Swiss Re to acquire the closed book of Zurich Life, one of Zurich Financial Services's life operations, in first Admin Re transaction in the United Kingdom
04 Aug 03 Swiss Re and Mitsui Sumitomo arrange USD 100 million catastrophe risk swap
09 Jul 03 Swiss Re reports embedded value of CHF 16.3 billion for 2002 - Growth in embedded value of CHF 1.2 billion from earnings and capital movements more than offset by impact of exchange rate movements
07 Jul 03 Swiss Re submits final application for China branch licence
25 Jun 03 Swiss Re economists: US economy entering slow patch, insurance industry faces prolonged hard market
25 Jun 03 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's Chief Economist, North America
09 Jun 03 Swiss Re makes Chinese and Japanese sigma available on web
05 Jun 03 Swiss Re expert Adrienne Atwell defines successful sustainability program components
29 May 03 Swiss Re estimates major UK storm could cause insured damage of GBP 9 billion
22 May 03 Swiss Re strengthens China region Life & Health Business Group
22 May 03 New Swiss Re sigma study: Unit-linked life insurance in western Europe: regaining momentum
21 May 03 River Network announces Swiss Re second-consecutive year sponsorship of RiverSmart, the nation's largest campaign for clean rivers and drinking water
14 May 03 Swiss Re appeals to city companies to clean up
14 May 03 Swiss Re Economic Risk Survey: risk of deflation is low, but uncertainties about global economic recovery and stock markets remain
13 May 03 Swiss Re Life & Health reports record year for UK life and health sales
13 May 03 Swiss Re sponsors Ocean Video Wall
12 May 03 Swiss Re Annual General Meeting approves dividend of CHF 1.00 per share and changes to the Board of Directors
08 May 03 New Swiss Re publication: Natural catastrophes and reinsurance – Swiss Re presents some methods for risk assessment
07 May 03 Swiss Re, Deutsche Bank and Sal. Oppenheim to acquire Gerling NCM
07 May 03 Swiss Re sells its stake in Partner Re and makes a CHF 230 million capital gain
06 May 03 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re chief US economist
30 Apr 03 Swiss Re announces changes in investment management
17 Apr 03 Swiss Re's Africa strategy prompts name change
09 Apr 03 Swiss Re CEO: reinsurance prospects favorable despite current capital market weakness
31 Mar 03 A new Swiss Re technical publication, Delay in start-up insurance
31 Mar 03 Swiss Re establishes licenced securities branch in Japan
27 Mar 03 Swiss Re reports net loss of CHF 91million for 2002
18 Mar 03 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re US economist
17 Mar 03 First Swiss Re RE-Source Award
12 Mar 03 Swiss Re sigma study: high flood loss burden for insurers in 2002
11 Mar 03 Swiss Re warns of £130 billion shortfall in Income Protection insurance amongst UK consumers
06 Mar 03 New Swiss Re technical publication: calculating the claims ratio in motor third party liability insurance
26 Feb 03 Swiss Re's January 2003 renewals successful with rates up 10%
14 Feb 03 Swiss Re RE-Source Award
05 Feb 03 Swiss Re study: The picture of ART
29 Jan 03 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's chief US economist
19 Dec 02 Swiss Re appoints Ann Godbehere as Chief Financial Officer
19 Dec 02 Swiss Re sigma study: 2002 below average for catastrophe losses, according to preliminary estimates
17 Dec 02 Swiss Re market overview shows trend towards higher mandatory minimum covers in European motor liability insurance
12 Dec 02 Swiss Re sigma study sees bancassurance emerging as an important distribution channel in Asia
11 Dec 02 Swiss Re's Insurance Review and Outlook
10 Dec 02 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's chief US economist
10 Dec 02 Swiss Re panel: modest economic growth in 2003; hardening insurance/reinsurance market continues
10 Dec 02 Swiss Re Economic Risk Survey: risk of deflation is low, but uncertainties about global economic recovery remain
09 Dec 02 Swiss Re hosts Year-end Economic and Insurance Industry Review 2002/Outlook 2003
05 Dec 02 Swiss Re report: less than 5% of UK consumers will pay financial advice fee
04 Dec 02 Swiss Re hosts Year-end Economic and Insurance Industry Review 2002/Outlook 2003
04 Dec 02 Swiss Re sigma: turbulent financial markets and high claims burden in 2001
02 Dec 02 Mumbai AIDS and health education gets major boost
26 Nov 02 Swiss Re examines ways for UK life insurers to embrace low-to- middle income earners
22 Nov 02 Swiss Re's Deirdre Littlefield: key focus for US marine insurers is to improve combined ratio, work to secure ports
14 Nov 02 UK consumers need twice as much life insurance protection: Swiss Re warns of more than 2 trillion shortfall in cover.
13 Nov 02 Swiss Re sigma study predicts robust growth for third party asset management
11 Nov 02 Swiss Re appoints John Coomber as Chief Executive Officer
06 Nov 02 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re chief US economist
30 Oct 02 Swiss Re announces resolution of dispute with Lincoln National Corporation
23 Oct 02 Swiss Re market research: further improvement in cat treaty conditions necessary
15 Oct 02 Swiss Re names new Chief Economist for Asia-Pacific
09 Oct 02 New Swiss Re sigma study: Non-life insurance industry to face a time of lasting capacity shortage
03 Oct 02 Swiss Re appoints Richard H. Murray as Chief Claims Strategist
01 Oct 02 Swiss Re aviation insurance study highlights need for concentration on quality of capacity
24 Sep 02 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's chief US economist
24 Sep 02 US catastrophic insurance expert available to comment on Hurricane Isidore's potential economic impact
13 Sep 02 Swiss Re hosts media conference on Alternative Risk Transfer
04 Sep 02 Swiss Re and Horace Mann enter into USD 75 million committed capital facility
29 Aug 02 Swiss Re's net premium income up 16% to CHF 13 836 million
14 Aug 02 Swiss Re creates US Advisory Board
12 Aug 02 sWISH* scientific study reveals the Swiss wish landscape - major differences by language region
18 Jul 02 Swiss Re obtains USD 255 million of catastrophe protection from innovative securitisation structure
17 Jul 02 New Swiss Re publication on climate change: learning to harness the risks and opportunities
12 Jul 02 Swiss Re: businesses should begin reducing GHG emissions immediately
12 Jul 02 Swiss Re Life & Health embedded value up 35% in 2001
12 Jul 02 Swiss Re gets go-ahead for China reinsurance licence
10 Jul 02 Phillip Colebatch to join Swiss Re's Executive Board
03 Jul 02 The London market in the throes of change
26 Jun 02 Disclosure notifications in accordance with Article 20 of the Swiss Stock Exchange Act
26 Jun 02 Swiss Re: US economy is strengthening; insurance market continues flight to quality
20 Jun 02 Swiss Re sponsors RiverSmart, nation's largest river, drinking water awareness campaign
12 Jun 02 Insurance in Latin America: growth opportunities and the challenge to increase profitability
03 Jun 02 Results from Swiss Re's Economic Risk Survey
29 May 02 Swiss Re Life & Health HealthWatch
22 May 02 Swiss Re obtains India service company approval
17 May 02 National Hurricane Awareness Week May 19 - 25 Hurricane Season Begins June 1st
16 May 02 Swiss Re sponsors World Vision's integrated 'Agua é Vide' project
15 May 02 Swiss Re celebrates the official opening of its new officebuilding in Unterföhring near Munich
14 May 02 Swiss Re honored by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
13 Mar 02 Swiss Re panel anticipates industry-wide challenges for 2002 and beyond
08 May 02 Swiss Re Life & Health report shows UK term assurance sales up by more than 14%
06 May 02 Swiss Re General Meeting confirms new Board of Directors members
01 May 02 Swiss Re applies collateralised debt obligation technology to pool
25 Apr 02 International conference on sustainable water management
18 Apr 02 Switzerland's wish landscape at Expo.02 - sWISH* unveiled
10 Apr 02 Swiss Re's 2001 net loss of CHF 165 million in line with expectations
04 Apr 02 Joint project of international insurance and reinsurance groups.
22 Mar 02 Swiss Re Focus Reports highlight growing risks to water quality and supply
19 Mar 02 Fed Rate action commentary from Swiss Re US economist
13 Mar 02 Swiss Re panel anticipates industry-wide challenges for 2002 and beyond
13 Mar 02 Catastrophes in 2001: man-made losses take on a new dimension
07 Mar 02 Swiss Re US Insurance / Reinsurance Industry Forum
04 Mar 02 SAFECO to Acquire Swiss Re's Excess Loss Business
27 Feb 02 Swiss Re sponsors American Museum of Natural History's new Space Show, The Search for Life: Are We Alone?
26 Feb 02 Swiss Re anounces successful 2002 renewals and solid outlook
21 Feb 02 Swiss Re - Solutions for terrorism insurance
13 Feb 02 Swiss Re Americas Division names Peter Emblin head of its Global & National unit
19 Dec 01 Announcing the establishment of Gerling NCM Credit and Finance AGance AG
19 Dec 01 Swiss Re reports loss estimate resulting from Enron bankruptcy
19 Dec 01 New horizons in insurance and banking, according to Swiss Re sigma study
14 Dec 01 New appointments to Swiss Re's Executive Board
13 Dec 01 World insurance in 2000: another boom year for life insurance; return to normal growth for non-life insurance
12 Dec 01 Swiss Re unveils findings from its second economic risk survey
12 Dec 01 Swiss Re economic forum - Global economy to recover in second half 2002
11 Dec 01 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's chief US economist
07 Dec 01 Swiss Re completes Lincoln Re acquisition
04 Dec 01 Swiss Re panel: US recession to last through mid-2002; hardening insurance/reinsurance market continues
30 Nov 01 Swiss Re announces Economic and Insurance Industry Forum
26 Nov 01 Securitas Capital and Conning Capital Partners invest in Allied World Assurance Holdings, Ltd.
30 Oct 01 Back to basics: underwriting results must improve significantly to bring non-life insurance back to profitability
11 Oct 01 Ruschlikon panelists: reduction of greenhouse gases paramount
27 Sep 01 Swiss Re Extraordinary General Meeting approves creation of authorised capital
25 Sep 01 Swiss Re hosts conference on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
17 Sep 01 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's chief US economist
07 Sep 01 Swiss Re reports net income of CHF 1 345 million in first half-year 2001
28 Aug 01 New sigma on Asia's dynamic insurance growth markets
22 Aug 01 Swiss Re, NCM and Gerling Credit agree to form one of the world's leading credit insurers
21 Aug 01 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's chief US economist
20 Aug 01 Swiss Re to host sustainability and capital markets event
30 Jul 01 Swiss Re to acquire Lincoln National's reinsurance business for USD 2 billion
17 Jul 01 Swiss Re reports strong growth of Life & Health embedded value in 2000
12 Jul 01 Swiss Re and Tokio Marine arrange unique USD 450 million cat risk swap
27 Jun 01 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's chief US economist
22 Jun 01 Swiss Re announces purchase of remaining shares of Southwestern Life Holdings Inc.
12 Jun 01 New Swiss Re sigma study sees tenfold growth for securitisation of insurance risk
07 Jun 01 Swiss Re Investors wins Casualty Actuarial Society Best Paper Award
01 Jun 01 Acquisition by Swiss Re of Conning Corporation completed
31 May 01 Swiss Re General Meeting decides on payout of nominal capital, share split
23 May 01 Harvard Law School Receives Grant from Swiss Re
18 May 01 Swiss Re appoints Jacques Aigrain as head of Financial Services Business Group
15 May 01 Fed rate action commentary from Swiss Re's chief US economist
11 May 01 sWISH - an exhibition about wishes
03 May 01 Good Swiss Re results set scene for African growth
02 May 01 Swiss Re survey reveals likelihood of low-probability, high-risk economic scenarios
27 Apr 01 Swiss Re Life & Health America to acquire Southwestern Life
26 Apr 01 Swiss Re's profit after tax up 21% continuing a strong series of earnings increases
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  • 25 Apr 01 Reinsurance agreement with Aurora National Life Assurance Company
    25 Apr 01 Swiss Re to acquire Conning Corporation
    04 Apr 01 Swiss Re to offer North American clients new tools on its internet portal
    27 Mar 01 Swiss Re names Fernando Gentil head of Latin America operations
    15 Mar 01 Swiss Re Investors' Sweeney sees low growth for investors in 2001; more opportunities entering 2002
    14 Mar 01 Swiss Re US Insurance/Reinsurance Industry Forum, announcement
    01 Mar 01 Seattle earthquake information available
    20 Feb 01 Swiss Re sponsoring Bodmer world literature collection exhibit
    07 Feb 01 Swiss Re announces successful non-life renewals
    06 Feb 01 Steven Crowley joins Fox-Pitt, Kelton / Firm
    01 Feb 01 Swiss Re sponsors Bodmer world literature collection exhibit
    10 Jan 01 Despite huge floods, insurers under less pressure
    14 Dec 00 Swiss Re, Munich Re, Internet Capital Group and Andersen
    07 Dec 00 Swiss Re to sell IRMG to Aon
    01 Dec 00 Rates moving more slowly and more unpredictably
    21 Nov 00 Swiss Re Life & Health appoints new head of global product management
    15 Nov 00 Swiss Re opens Centre for Global Dialogue in Rueschlikon
    13 Nov 00 Swiss Re Group completes acquisition of Società Italiana Cauzioni
    30 Oct 00 Swiss Re study finds promising outlook for credit insurers
    19 Oct 00 Swiss Re invests in Securitas Ventures fund
    10 Oct 00 Storm over Europe - An underestimated risk
    04 Oct 00 Earthquake forecasting
    02 Oct 00 Swiss Re Portal - the Gateway to the World of Reinsurance
    18 Sep 00 UK consumers demand real interactivity and personalisation from the internet
    18 Sep 00 The new economics of 'stakeholder' will transform UK industry
    13 Sep 00 Swiss Re reports strong increase in operating result and EPS
    08 Sep 00 Dr. Kurt Karl new head of Economic Research & Consulting, North America
    28 Aug 00 Swiss Re Life & Health America Inc. announces agreements
    03 Aug 00 Midland Life Insurance Company deal final
    03 Aug 00 Swiss Re offers online information on natural hazards
    01 Aug 00 New Service company in Belgium
    31 Jul 00 UK Government's response clarifies levels of state contribution to long term care
    26 Jul 00 Settlement finds approval amongst Swiss Insurers
    03 Jul 00 Swiss Re acquires minority holding in China Insurance International Holdings
    30 Jun 00 Swiss Re General Meeting elects Prof Rajna Gibson to Board of Directors
    08 Jun 00 Swiss Re enlarges Executive Board
    25 May 00 Critical Illness policy sales in the UK top three quarters of a million
    25 May 00 Swiss Re sells weather derivatives online
    10 May 00 Earnings per share up 12% to CHF 196
    02 May 00 University of Nottingham appointment
    24 Feb 00 Swiss Re's NCM to partner with SIC
    03 Feb 00 Swiss Re sees promising renewal season and a positive outlook for 2000
    17 Jan 00 Swiss Re's 1999 result can easily absorb winter storms
    10 Jan 00 Swiss Re announces Administrative Reinsurance agreement
    05 Jan 00 Swiss Re Investors is launching a securities fund "Swiss Re Capital Fund"
    30 Dec 99 Winter storms in Europe
    16 Dec 99 Clarence Yeung becomes Head of Corporate Development in the Asia division
    09 Dec 99 Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters 1999
    06 Dec 99 Swiss Re to acquire Underwriters Re Group
    22 Nov 99 Appointments at Executive Board level
    18 Nov 99 Swiss Re auctions reinsurance cover over the Internet
    30 Sep 99 Swiss Re strengthens its business in Colombia
    27 Sep 99 Ulrich Bremi attends the 11th annual IBLAC meeting in Shanghai
    14 Sep 99 Swiss Re increases first-half earnings in 1999 by 49%
    30 Aug 99 Swiss Re concentrates its French non-life business in Paris
    15 Jul 99 Swiss Re and Beijing Normal University set up a research center
    11 Jul 99 Policy Management Systems Corporation and Swiss Re Group announce strategic alliance
    01 Jul 99 Giuseppe Benelli appointed to Swiss Re Executive Board
    30 Jun 99 Swiss Re sets up service company in Tokyo
    29 Jun 99 Martyn Parker appointed CEO for Swiss Re Southern Africa Limited
    25 Jun 99 Swiss Re announces Ulrich Bremi´s successor
    22 Jun 99 David H. Atkins elected Director of Swiss Re America Corporation
    08 Jun 99 Swiss Re in America inaugurates on-line Autofac Property service
    03 Jun 99 Swiss Re enlarges its Executive Board
    06 May 99 Earnings per share up 20.7% to CHF 175
    23 Apr 99 Professorial chair at University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
    16 Apr 99 Swiss Re makes its knowledge available on the Internet
    07 Apr 99 Martin Albers appointed Chief Executive of Swiss Re UK
    01 Mar 99 Mark Futterman named Deputy Operations Manager at Swiss Re
    24 Mar 99 Storms, hail and ice cause billion-dollar losses in 1998
    22 Mar 99 Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation moves to a new headquarters
    18 Mar 99 Swiss Re completes acquisition of Fox-Pitt, Kelton Group
    04 Mar 99 Swiss Re announces proposed acquisition of Royal Maccabees Life Insurance Company
    01 Mar 99 UN launches initiative to help member nations respond to the challenges of global ageing
    15 Jan 99 Swiss Re America launches Strategic Financial Solutions Group
    15 Jan 99 Neil Hohmann joins Swiss Re America's Strategic Financial Services unit
    15 Jan 99 John C. Swigart joins Swiss Re America as Director Strategic Financial Solutions Group
    06 Jan 99 The global reinsurance market in the midst of consolidation
    04 Jan 99 Gloria Vogel joins Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation
    20 Dec 96 Merger in Loss Adjusting and Claims Management completed
    17 Dec 96 Insurance in Eastern Europe: a growth industry on the way towards market structures
    09 Dec 96 Swiss Re to acquire Unione Italiana di Riassicurazione S.p.A. (Uniorias)
    06 Dec 96 Acquisition of M&G Re, 1996 financial year and outlook for the 1997 business year
    03 Dec 96 Erwin Zimmermann to join the Swiss Re Executive Board
    22 Dec 96 Swiss Re's 132nd Ordinary General Meeting
    21 Nov 96 Swiss Re opens a representative office in Shanghai
    14 Nov 96 Deregulation and liberalization of market access
    11 Nov 96 Unione Italiana di Riassicurazione S.p.A.
    01 Nov 96 The results of the Swiss Re Group for 1995
    07 Oct 96 Asia's insurance industry to experience unhindered growth into the next century
    27 Sep 96 Swiss Re and Crawford & Company: Strategic Alliance in Loss Adjusting and Claims Management
    27 Aug 96 Swiss Re to acquire Mercantile & General Re
    15 Jul 96 Swiss Re America Signs Contract
    02 Jul 96 Walter B. Kielholz appointed new Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Re Group
    28 Jun 96 Insurance Derivatives and Securitization: New Hedging Perspectives for the US Catastrophe Insurance Market?
    17 Jun 96 World insurance in 1994: Clear slowdown in premium growth in North America and Japan
    06 Jun 96 A forward-looking survey of the major non-life insurance markets in 1996 and 1997
    25 Apr 96 Result for 1995: 53% higher profits as result of strategic reorientation
    22 Feb 96 1995 record losses due to catastrophes
    14 Feb 96 High volatility in aviation insurance: Are premium rates due for a nosedive?
    06 Feb 96 Swiss Re opens branch office in Kuala Lumpur
    09 Jan 96 Swiss Re increases its presence in three key markets in Asia
    05 Jan 96 Swiss Re opens a representative office in Beijing