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Measuring economic performance & solvency at Swiss Re

Swiss Re uses its proprietary economic valuation and performance measurement framework (Economic Value Management, EVM) for its business steering with the objective to maximise shareholder value and allocate capital to the most attractive risk pools from an economic risk/return perspective.

Expertise publications

ILS market update January 2018

New issuance slowed dramatically in the second half of the year with only USD 2.13bn of issuance, the lightest total since 2009. Despite this, full-year issuance still exceeded USD 10.0bn, carried by the record shattering first half of the year with USD 8.4bn issuance.

Expertise publications

Telemática: uniendo los puntos

Soluciones telemáticas de Swiss Re para una mejor selección de riesgos y primas más justas

Expertise publications

Building resilience in the eye of the storm – Agriculture in the Caribbean and Central America

By 2050, the farmers of our world are expected to have to feed a staggering 9.8 billion people, up from 7.5 billion today. With fertile soils and a conducive climate, Central America and the Caribbean are uniquely positioned to supply farm products to growing markets worldwide. But the outdoor business of farming is exposed to many perils in the region: hurricanes, droughts, floods and storms, all of which are set to increase with climate change. So what needs to be done to harvest the economic opportunities that lie ahead? Find out on the following pages where the region stands today and what measures will ensure resilient and profitable farming in the Caribbean and Central America.

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Who are the ageing?

Who are the ageing? Insurers who truly understand ageing consumers‘ needs will be the ones to create winning solutions for this very diverse population. Swiss Re conducted new consumer research and discovered insights that offer a fresh perspective on the traditional products focus and approach to segmentation. To get started on developing propositions that are more relevant for today‘s ageing consumers, take a look at the report.

Expertise publications

Closing the insurance gap in livestock

Every few years, epidemic disease outbreaks cause death to millions of cows, pigs or chickens. Besides harming animals, such outbreaks are also a financial disaster for the farmers – unless they have adequate insurance to help them recover and stay in business.

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