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  • Unveiling the full potential of telematics - How connected insurance brings value to insurers and consumers: An Italian case study

    Telematics is changing the motor insurance market and disrupting the traditional car insurance business model. Insurance companies worldwide are learning from the experience of first movers in order to develop their own telematics expertise. This paper is focusing on the Italian market, which has the highest coverage of telematics-based motor policies globally.

  • Who pays for ageing?

    A global analysis of the ageing wallet: what it costs to support our ageing population, how funding sources are changing and why opportunity exists for insurers.

  • Rehabilitation Watch 2016 Australia

    Insights from Rehabilitation Watch, an industry wide biennial report covering rehabilitation trends and topical issues for life and disability claims.

  • The destructive power of volcanic ash fall

    It goes without saying that volcanoes in close proximity to the world's largest cities pose a serious threat. And this is a risk that in the past has received insufficient attention. Swiss Re has developed a global probabilistic volcano model to support its clients in assessing volcanic risks and in developing suitable insurance products. The model is the first of its kind in the insurance industry covering the whole world.

  • Cyber liability: Data breach in Europe

    This publication written by Elena Jelmini Cellerini and Christian Lang looks at the consequences of a data breach in Europe and compares the situations in Europe and the US with regard to the major features of such an event. It provides a snapshot of where the discussion stands at the beginning of 2017, about one and a half years before the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. Watching the case law developing, in particular in the UK which has taken some landmark decisions in this area, is also an indicator for where Europe seems to be heading. The UK intends to implement the GDPR in spite of Brexit.

  • Swiss Re Retakaful - Innovative and Shari’a-compliant

    Takaful is a form of insurance that complies with the fundamentals of the Shari’a (Islamic law). It is a system based on the principles of mutual assistance and voluntary contribution, where risks are shared collectively and voluntarily by a group of participants. Swiss Re is committed to offering all of its services in the conventional reinsurance area to its Takaful clients. This publication describes Swiss Re’s Retakaful capability. To find out more please visit

  • ILS market update February 2017

    With a respectable USD 5.9bn, ILS issuance in 2016 was able to maintain overall market size around the record level set in 2014. Notably, the second half of the year was surprisingly active for new issuance of ILS and 4Q surged to USD 2.12bn, the third largest 4Q on record and the largest quarter of 2016.

  • Growth recipes: The need to strengthen private capital markets

    Strong private capital markets are key for sustainable economic growth. To improve access to risk pools and support financial market resilience, we propose several measures. These include a more growth-friendly policy mix, standardising infrastructure debt to become a tradable asset class and more equity-like instruments such as GDP-linked sovereign bonds.

  • Winter storm clusters in Europe

    Severe winter storms in quick succession can have a deadly impact on an insurer’s balance sheet. The industry has responded by providing coverage structures that address this eventuality. The premiums of such cover must be commensurate with the underlying risk. To assess a fair premium, we need a model that can estimate the frequency and severity of such storms, as well as when they’re likely to occur within a season. This publication discusses benchmarks for such models, so enabling you to secure the right protection for the storms to come.

  • Telematics: connecting the dots

    UBI demand is set to increase, driven by the innovative concept that the drivers pay for the amount of risk they take. This translates into continuous feedback, which in turn results in better driving behaviour. Telematics offers direct and real-time access to data about the insured object. This enables insurers to base their risk assessment and pricing on the real risk policyholders are taking rather than on approximate tariff criteria about the driver, the car and how it is used. Furthermore, based on telematics data, additional services, such as stolen car recovery or efficient claims handling can be provided.