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  • Building resilience in the eye of the storm – Agriculture in the Caribbean and Central America

    By 2050, the farmers of our world are expected to have to feed a staggering 9.8 billion people, up from 7.5 billion today. With fertile soils and a conducive climate, Central America and the Caribbean are uniquely positioned to supply farm products to growing markets worldwide. But the outdoor business of farming is exposed to many perils in the region: hurricanes, droughts, floods and storms, all of which are set to increase with climate change. So what needs to be done to harvest the economic opportunities that lie ahead? Find out on the following pages where the region stands today and what measures will ensure resilient and profitable farming in the Caribbean and Central America.
  • Swiss Re SONAR: new emerging risks insights 2017

    Underestimated infectious diseases, growing water stress, the impact of future artificial intelligence legislation, cloud risk accumulation or precision farming: Do you want to know more about these topics? Welcome to the latest edition of Swiss Re SONAR, our update of the emerging risk landscape.
  • Cyber liability: Data breach in Europe

    This publication written by Elena Jelmini Cellerini and Christian Lang looks at the consequences of a data breach in Europe and compares the situations in Europe and the US with regard to the major features of such an event. It provides a snapshot of where the discussion stands at the beginning of 2017, about one and a half years before the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. Watching the case law developing, in particular in the UK which has taken some landmark decisions in this area, is also an indicator for where Europe seems to be heading. The UK intends to implement the GDPR in spite of Brexit.