The Flood App for iPad®





The Swiss Re Flood App gives a general understanding of flood risks and explains how to manage and insure these risks. The App explores different types of flooding and the challenges involved in making floods insurable. It highlights the importance of adapting to climate change and shows how reliable flood information can strengthen flood preparedness.

Note: To support the industry, Swiss Re is updating CatNet®, its natural hazard information system, with Swiss Re Global Flood Zones™.

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  • Category Education 
  • Size 191 MB
  • Languages English
  • Requirements Compatible with iPad®. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. iOS 7 optimized.
  • Version 1.2


Can I also use it on my iPhone®?

The App works best on the iPad® as it was designed for that device (size, navigation, imagery).

Is it available on iTunes®?

Yes, it is available on iTunes®, everybody can download for free.

Is it available on Android-devices?

No, the App was not developed for Android.

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