"What do you know about Solvency II?", a high-level introduction for interested parties from Non-EU regions.

We see the global insurance industry is undergoing a solvency modernisation in order to enhance policyholder interests protection and financial market stability.

EU Solvency II is well known in the industry through its introduction of risk-orientated capital requirements and more effective supervision of insurance companies. Many markets are developing their new solvency regimes, which have similarities to EU Solvency II. For example, Australia has its solvency model LAGIC, which also takes risk-based approach, allows using of internal model and takes economic valuation for its Life business. Brazil, Chile, China and Mexico are also developing their Solvency II, which are risk based and incorporates enterprise risk management framework.

Swiss Re has gained its expertise on various solvency regimes through its compliance under Swiss Solvency Test (i.e. the group biz), the EU Solvency II (i.e. the EU entities) and the US RBC (i.e. the US entities). We serve our clients with effective re/insurance solutions under different solvency regimes. For companies which domiciled markets are going to adapt new solvency reforms, Swiss Re are happy to share our experience/knowledge dealing with different solvency regimes, and provide most effective re/insurance solutions to help them least affected by the new regulations, and/or win competitive advantages in the market.

In this spirit, we are proud to offer you our publication "What do you know about Solvency II?", a high-level introduction for interested parties from Non-EU regions.

What do you know about Solvency II?

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