Staying afloat – Flood Risk in Argentina

09 Oct 2016

“My business was flooded five times. In 2012, I was in the shop when the water started to come in. I was standing on the table, the cash register in my hands and my eyes on the merchandise floating around the room. The water inside was almost one meter high. When it began to recede, I realized how severe the damage was. It took me three days to clean everything up. To me, the flood not only meant damaged goods, but also fatigue, extra work, and expended energy.” November 2012 flood in Buenos Aires.

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Protecting Property in Latin America

23 Mar 2016

Underinsurance of property risk continues to be a global challenge. The latest Swiss Re Economic Research & Consulting expertise paper focuses on the property protection gap – the difference between total and insured economic losses – in Latin America.

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