Swiss Re Organizes the Ninth Insurance and Reinsurance Conference

December 2011 - Swiss Re held its Ninth Insurance and Reinsurance Conference in Mexico City on 22-23 September 2011 with great success. The event also celebrated the anniversary of Swiss Re's first 100 years in Latin America.

This event is the most highly anticipated insurance-related academic event in Mexico because of the important technical and academic contributions it makes for insurance and reinsurance with the participation and expert coordination of the Swiss Re Legal Committee and Swiss Re Claims & Liabilities in Mexico.

This special occasion provided an opportunity for a number of interesting topics that are given complete and thorough attention by the attendees. The agenda is based on the issues and concerns that the industry is confronted with. This year the conference included high-level industry figures from Colombia, the US as well as from Mexico. A sense of camaraderie pervaded throughout the event and led to a high rate of participation among the attendees. The diverse topics were well received and included both Life & Health as well as Property & Casualty topics. The attendees participated in a dialogue around a number of topics including “Surrogate Pregnancies and Their Effects on Insurance” and technical topics such as: “Absolute and Relative First Loss Insurance,” “Water, Flood and Tsunami Damage” and “Reinsurance Claim Management” which was presented by Edmundo Hernández, who was recently interviewed for an article that was published in the insurance press.

On the second day, the focus shifted to include a presentation and discussion the topic of “Insurance Fraud” presented by Dr. Arturo Díaz Bravo, who has worked as a professor at several prestigious universities in Mexico and is the author of multiple works and articles in the field of insurance. Following in this broad theme, the next topic was called “The Impact of Crime on Insurance,” presented by a leading expert who traveled from Colombia to share his experiences on how crime has impacted the insurance industry in Colombia in the 1990s through 2000. The lessons learned continue to cause concerns and some of the lessons learned and measures implemented by the Colombian insurance sector may be applicable to help solve the problems currently being faced in Mexico from drug trafficking and organized crime.. Regulatory topics were also addressed and through a session titled “International Regulations: ITC and OFAC. The meeting was then closed with a message from Swiss Re by Richard Schneider regarding “Swiss Re's 100 years in Latin America.”

This year attendance reached a record level, with over 400 guests from Mexico, Central American, the Dominican Republic and the United States. . The attendees gave the event high marks in their conference evaluations.

At the end of the event and in celebration of its first “100 years” in the region, Swiss Re held its customary reception, this year with the added entertainment of groups performing regional dances from Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, which left more than one guest speechless.

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