Latin America: industry and infrastructure needed to meet the new world challenge

December 2011 - For the fourth time in less than a year, Swiss Re brought together its clients and other operators in the sector to discuss the large-scale infrastructure projects underway in the region, the importance of having the right insurance to ensure the sustainability of private investments, and the government's investment in these projects.

In November 2011, the JW Marriott hotel in Bogota, Colombia, served as the venue for the conference on the insurability of infrastructure projects. Over 100 representatives from insurance companies, reinsurance brokers, insurance brokers, insured parties, government bodies, contractors, construction companies and service providers spent the morning exchanging ideas on the insurability of infrastructure projects in Colombia, as well as in Latin America. The conference was attended by representatives from Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, among other countries.

Francisco Majós, Regional Head Andean Countries, opened the conference with an overview of Swiss Re's value proposition on infrastructure and then introduced the event's guest speaker, Luis Fernando Andrade Moreno, President of the National Infrastructure Agency (formally INCO), who provided important information on the investments and projects underway in Colombia, as well as those planned for the near future.

Attendees later heard from Swiss Re underwriters, experts on four lines of business deemed crucial when insuring infrastructure investments, who presented on the fundamental elements to be taken into account in each of their respective areas: Luis Meneses, Head Engineering Latin America, spoke on "Construction All Risk" coverage; Erika Schoch, Head Marine Latin America, explained the importance of raw material and equipment transportation insurance, as well as the "Delay in Start-Up" product available in transportation insurance; Adriana Nariño, Senior Credit Underwriter, pointed out the challenges and opportunities in compliance insurance; and finally, María Luisa Jallath, Senior Casualty Underwriter, demonstrated the large exposure that exists with risks related to liability insurance.

With this conference, Swiss Re reaffirmed its commitment to Latin America and its insurance sector. By insuring these major investments over time, the insurance sector is playing its part in helping to ensure stability and the economic growth of developing countries.

This event was supported and financed by Swiss Re's training center, the Swiss Re Academy, which seeks to develop our clients and our business worldwide.

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Conferencia: Asegurabilidad de proyectos de infraestructura
Bogotá, Colombia

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