Ratings overview and Solvency

Swiss Re has an interactive rating relationship with Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and A.M. Best.

Swiss Re has the following ratings:

Rating AgencyFinancial
OutlookLast updateDebt ratings
Subordinated debtShort-term
Standard & Poor's AA- (Very strong) stable 25-Nov-2016 AA- A A-1+
Moody's Aa3 (Excellent) stable 15-Dec-2015 Aa3 A2 P-1
A.M. Best A+ (Superior) stable 16-Dec-2016 aa- a AMB-1+


Sustainability ratings

Swiss Re is also being rated by various research companies for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible investments (SRI).

Specific sustainability ratings look at economic, environmental and social criteria together. Find out more about the positive rating of Swiss Re's sustainability behaviour on our sustainability rating page.


Solvency: Swiss Solvency Test (SST)

Swiss Re Group Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
SST 2016 223% 219%
SST 2015 223% 217%
SST 2/2014 249% 244%
SST 1/2014 241% 232%
SST 2/2013 229% 205%
SST 1/2013 245% 224%
SST 2/2012 207% 202%
SST 1/2012 213% 226%
SST 2/2011 210% 227%
SST 1/2011 208% 236%
SST 2/2010 211% 237%
SST 1/2010 269% 305%
SST 2/2009 219% 257%
SST 1/2009 160% 192%

The SST ratio is a function of available and required capital based on an economic valuation of assets and liabilities with an integrated forward-looking assessment of underwriting, financial market and credit risk and, therefore, our SST ratio could fluctuate from reporting date to reporting date, and such fluctuations could be significant. SST ratios filed with our regulator are subject to the regulator’s review and approval of the internal model. See "Note on risk factors" and "Cautionary note on forward-looking statements" in our most recent annual or quarterly report for factors that could affect the SST ratio.