Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

As a leader in Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS), Swiss Re is committed to the development of a market for liquid, transparent and tradable insurance linked risk products. We leverage our re/insurance industry and capital markets experience for superior deal execution.

The table below contains links to news releases of ILS structured by Swiss Re Capital Markets for our clients and for Swiss Re.

All securities activity is performed by appropriately licensed Swiss Re affiliates. Please visit Swiss Re Capital Markets to find out more about ILS, including a publication on the fundamentals of insurance-linked securities.

20 Oct 2008

Zurich - Swiss Re enters into a weather derivative contract


30 Sep 2008

Zurich - Swiss Re to enter into a partnership with CelsiusPro


30 Jun 2008

Zurich - Natural catastrophe protection through Vega capital programme


07 May 2008

New York - Energy Risk names Swiss Re transaction "Deal of the Year"


22 Jan 2008

New York - First ever bond linked to Central American earthquakes


11 Jan 2008

New York - Swiss Re successfully closes USD 175m private XXX transaction