Key Publications

Publications illustrating how the public sector can address different resilience challenges.

Barisal: helping a city prepare for climate change

Lights out: The risks of climate and natural disaster related disruption to the electric grid

Closing the Protection Gap: Disaster risk financing - Smart solutions for the public sector. Edition 3

Closing the Protection Gap: collection of case studies. Edition 3

Disaster Risk Financing in China – how insurers can partner with the public sector to improve resilience

RainX – straightforward protection in case of heavy rain or lack of rain

Rapid response earthquake protection for public entities: Swiss Re’s QUAKE

Pandemics in a Changing Climate

Fueling Resilience – Climate and Wildfire risk in the United States

Sovereign insurance – protecting...

Climate change, natural disasters and cyber attacks are some of the most acute risks keeping both citizen's and political leaders awake at night. Furthermore, the public expects their chosen representatives...

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Creating a shared future in a...

As 3000+ world leaders of politics, business, academia and civil society head for the World Economic Forum in Davos, they will be thinking about the various ways in which they and their organisations...

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