Global Partnerships in the Media

How Global Partnerships resilience approaches have recently been reflected in the media.

Bloomberg: A Coral Reef Gets an Insurance Policy of Its Own

Reuters: China looks to insurance to stem mounting disaster loss

The Guardian: Satellite images trigger payouts for Kenyan farmers in grip of drought

The Guardian: A tale of two droughts: one killed 260,000 people, the other none. Why?

The Real Deal: Florida's coastal cities need more governmental assistance

Risk&Insurance: Rewarding Resilience

BBC: 'Resilience bonds': A secret weapon against catastrophe

Creating a shared future in a...

As 3000+ world leaders of politics, business, academia and civil society head for the World Economic Forum in Davos, they will be thinking about the various ways in which they and their organisations...

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Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico...

Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico are nations exposed to earthquake risk, having suffered several devastating losses to lives and property in the last few years alone.

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