Global Partnerships

Swiss Re is a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF), participating in its Global Risk Network to exchange views with experts from the political, economic, and scientific community.

We regularly contribute to the WEF’s Global Risk Report and attend its Annual Meeting in Davos to discuss risk issues with top political and corporate figures.

Since 2006, Swiss Re has participated in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), making concrete annual commitments in the area of sustainability. Founded in 2005 by former US President Bill Clinton, CGI brings together a broad range of participants from charitable foundations, governments and corporations – all determined to meet global challenges through concrete commitments and projects.

In 2009, Swiss Re joined forces with Oxfam America, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Columbia University’s International Research Institute to expand its successful 2008 commitment to protect small-holding farmers in a drought-prone area of Ethiopia against weather risk. Weather risk micro-insurance programmes, such as this, may serve as a model for other poor communities affected by climate change in how to increase household food security and make them more resilient to the effects of climate change.

Resilience Videos

Here are some videos explaining how Swiss Re looks at city resilience, and showing steps we've taken so far.

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Swiss Re puts resilience on the...

Swiss Re Next, Swiss Re's iconic new headquarters in Zurich opened in September 2017. One of the things that will catch your eye is a huge mural depicting an unconventional world map created by Buckminster...

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