Swiss Re Global Partnerships

Engaging with the world allows us to find more robust solutions to common perils. There are limits to what the insurance industry can achieve alone; some risks will require a broader approach involving international and public institutions. We share our expertise to help society create effective responses.

Global partnerships

At Swiss Re we know that governments, international development institutions and NGOs have radically differing needs from those of insurers and corporate clients. To help these public sector clients around the world, we are intensifying our efforts with this important segment with the creation of a new global business function, aptly named Global Partnerships.

Engaging with the world

Risk landscapes change constantly. But we always need to provide effective cover to our clients. In order to absorb risks on their behalf, we have to anticipate, identify and understand the developments that shape the world in which we operate. We rely not just on our knowledge to achieve this, but on continuous dialogue with clients, outside experts, and opinion leaders worldwide.

We exchange ideas and insights through strategic partnerships, memberships in international organisations, and links to academia. Our Centre for Global Dialogue acts as a forum for such conversations, encouraging Swiss Re experts and their guests to share expertise.

Monitoring the risk landscape

By engaging in dialogue with the world we learn more about the risks that we and our clients face as well as the most appropriate ways to confront them. In addressing selected issues, we aim to capture business opportunities as well as to pre-empt and even influence potential future sources of losses.

We continually monitor the risk landscape and scan the horizon for emerging threats, focusing on those issues and trends that we believe have the greatest potential to affect our business or that of our clients. Our systematic approach to identifying and analysing risk forms the basis of our research and publishing activities, making us a recognised thought leader in our industry.

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