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First MiCRO natcat business interruption cover launched in Guatemala

06 Dec 2016

Guatemala is highly exposed to natural disasters. In 2010 alone, two consecutive disasters - storm Agatha and the eruption of Pacaya volcano - caused an estimated USD 1.55 billion of damage, accounting for 4.1% of the GDP. While each disaster has a devastating impact on lives, families and livelihoods, it also affects the economy and the country's growth and development potential for years to come. That is why Swiss Re is partnering in the launch of Esfuerzo Seguro, the first natural catastrophe...

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Successful Kenya Livestock Insurance Program scheme scales up

15 Nov 2016

Approximately 75 percent of livestock deaths in the Horn of Africa are caused by severe drought, repeatedly leaving herders, their families and entire communities destitute. In October of 2015, the first government livestock insurance scheme in Africa – the Kenya Livestock Insurance Program (KLIP) - was successfully piloted in two counties in the North of Kenya. The scheme, which was launched with the support of Andrew Mude, ILRI, 2016 winner of the World Food Prize Award, and Swiss Re, will now...

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Miami under the microscope: the quest for resiliency

10 Nov 2016

Swiss Re is taking its resiliency message to the small screen. Global Partnerships senior client manager Alex Kaplan participated in the National Geographic documentary “Years of Living Dangerously.”

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Swiss Re reinsures biggest natural disaster insurance programmes in China

27 Oct 2016

Swiss Re has just launched the second of two significant parametric insurance programmes in China. The first covers 28 rural provinces in Heilongjiang, and the second covers seven prefectures in the economic powerhouse of Guangdong.

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Speedy insurance payout of USD 29 million to support Caribbean relief in wake of Matthew

16 Oct 2016

The tally of lives lost, and number of people displaced in the wake of Matthew is tragic. Outbreaks of cholera due to water mixing with sewage in Haiti is further aggravating the extreme hardship, emphasizing the urgent need for swift financial relief.

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New Orleans celebrates one year of resilience building: Swiss Re and Veolia report progress on resilience and recovery solution

13 Sep 2016

It's just over 11 years ago that Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, leaving the city devastated by the storm surge and floods. Since then the city has been fighting hard to get back to the thriving city it was before. An important step on that journey is the resilience strategy implemented a year ago. Celebrating the anniversary on September 12, 2016 a sure sign that the city is on the right path is the improved Fitch rating to A+, which was just announced.

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Thai Rice Insurance Scheme scales up to cover 2 million rice farmers

01 Sep 2016

Thailand is amongst the world's top rice exporters. Rice is generally cultivated across the entire country and huge parts of Thailand's population earn their living from rice farming. For centuries, farmers' livelihood and rice production have been plagued by natural disasters such as floods and droughts. To cushion the rural population against destructive weather conditions, a Government Disaster Relief Programme was launched a decade ago to provide financial assistance to farmers affected by disasters.

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Indonesia: New insurance to keep microfinance institutions and their customers afloat in times of emergency

15 Jun 2016

In addition to shattering lives, homes and infrastructure, earthquakes also have a devastating knock-on effect on a country's economic growth and development. For example, after a natural disaster, clients of micro-finance institutions (MFIs) need additional financing to rebuild their businesses and ensure their income is protected. But when these crucial financing lifelines default because their borrowers can't pay them back, the whole economy stalls.

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Swiss Re helps establish the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility

26 May 2016

The World Bank recently launched a new insurance vehicle, the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF), a ground-breaking initiative which will use both reinsurance and capital markets tools to help mobilise funds during a disease outbreak. Backed by the G7 countries, the PEF is jointly structured by reinsurers companies Swiss Re and Munich Re.

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WEF Africa 2016: How reinsurance supports shared prosperity across the continent

10 May 2016

Africa’s positive economic outlook is under pressure – mainly due to a slowdown in the global economy – with growth expected to remain just below 5% in 2016. As many countries in the region improve their investment climate and undertake macroeconomic policy reforms, inflows of foreign direct investment are expected to continue to grow, although at a slower pace.

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Swiss Re's 2016 Global Risk Briefing for Ambassadors promotes innovation in improving risk resilience

21 Mar 2016

Discussing key risk challenges with public sector representatives is part of Swiss Re's vision for a more resilient world. Swiss Re’s annual Global Risk Briefing for foreign ambassadors is a valuable opportunity for such a discussion.

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WEF Davos 2016: Swiss Re supports Groundbreaking Partnerships to make Resilience a Reality

26 Jan 2016

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World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016: Moving Climate Resilience from Talk to Action

20 Jan 2016

As world leaders gather in Davos for the Annual Meeting 2016, the World Economic Forum says that failure to effectively confront climate change is potentially the most costly risk to society over the next ten years.

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