Swiss Re at WEF 2013: resilience in the face of the unthinkable

Recent events have shown the ripple effect of risk and the importance of building resilience. At the 2013 WEF Annual Meeting, Swiss Re highlights ways in which the public and private spheres can work together to assess and plan for risks before they happen.

Hurricane Sandy, flooding in Thailand and the Tohoku earthquake in Japan were difficult reminders of how the effects of natural disasters can resonate for months – and years – to come.  But these types of catastrophes aren't the only issues that affect our communities.

'Resilient dynamism' is the theme of the 2013 WEF Annual Meeting in Davos. Swiss Re is there, highlighting pertinent issues such as social protection systems, clean energy, and the overall health and well-being of populations. We're also showing how governments, communities and the private sector can work together to build resilience for now and the future.

Country risk management: the way forward

We've seen, and felt, what natural catastrophes can do to families, communities and businesses. But, focusing on recovery after a disaster, while important, can strain national resources and budgets. A systematic approach to planning for events before they happen is key to shoring up community resilience.

Country risk management means asking tough questions: how can a country support its ageing population?  What's the right mix for a sustainable energy system? How does obesity affect overall productivity? Do we need to rethink our social protection systems?  A holistic approach is needed to analyse a nation's ability to bounce back from any type of shock.

Join us

At this year's WEF Annual Meeting, Swiss Re will share ideas about the role reinsurance can play in building national resilience, highlighting how a joined-up approach between public and private partners can help us mitigate and adapt to the effect of societal shocks.

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Published 21 January 2013

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