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New Orleans - Resilience Pioneer

New Orleans was the first of the 100 Resilient Cities to appoint a Chief Resilience Officer and develop a City Resilience Plan. Last year SwissRe and Veolia went into partnership to support the city's plans. This video will tell you how we're progressing.


Building resilience to major shocks is a mounting priority for many governments. The reasons are clear: pre-emptive disaster risk management can reduce the impact of natural catastrophes and put an early halt to pandemics. Rapid insurance payouts help to save more lives, speed up recovery and reduce long-term impact on the economy. Ultimately, planning ahead makes countries and cities safer and more attractive to citizens and investors. It also strengthens their ability to meet the future.

Global Partnerships is dedicated to helping national & municipal governments, and cities to strengthen their resilience. We're also committed to improving access to insurance for risk-exposed low-income communities. Together, we can shape a more resilient world!

WEF Agenda blog: Two steps towards a more resilient world

WEF Agenda blog: Two steps towards a more resilient world

As well as the impact on lives, uninsured losses following catastrophes can influence countries' economic growth for several years. The threat to the future development of our world is very real.