Flight for the future: pioneers in risk

What does it take to fly around the world using only solar power? Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Solar Impulse show you in Flight for the future: pioneers in risk.

The series, consisting of eight 2-minute films, analyses the Solar Impulse adventure through the lens of risk management, explaining how commercial insurance can provide support to overcome challenges caused by extreme weather, human error or technological complexity.

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions joined forces with Solar Impulse in 2012 to show the enormous potential of renewable energy and clean technology. This year, during the first solar Round-the-World flight, the plane is circling the globe in approximately 25 days, spread over 5 months and covering 35,000 km using no fuel at all.

The first two episodes of Flight for the future are now airing on the History Channel across Europe, Asia and Latin America and soon on the History Channel website in the US, reaching more than 110 million homes.

The premiere introduces the Solar Impulse, the genesis of the idea, its aims, and how Swiss Re Corporate Solutions came to be a vital partner in the project.

Watch the first episode Journey into the unknown below.

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Follow all the episodes and watch exclusive interviews with pilots and Solar Impulse co-founders Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg on flightforthefuture.com. And learn more about our partnership with Solar Impulse at solarimpulse.swissre.com.

Published 10 April 2015

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