Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Solar Impulse: shaping the future of renewable energy

At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions risk taking is the foundation upon which we operate and we admire the risk taking that comes with pioneering spirit. As a commercial insurer, we are passionate about applying our expertise to help others manage risk and we are proud to be the official insurance provider of Solar Impulse.

In 2012, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions joined forces with Solar Impulse, a project, which demonstrates the enormous potential of new technologies for saving energy and the production of renewable energies. Solar Impulse is an airplane that can fly day and night on solar power alone, without any fuel. But it's not just an airplane. It is also a promoter of renewable and clean technologies – a perfect match to our vast expertise of managing complex risks and unmatched competence to insure what others consider uninsurable. What drives us is the conviction that renewable and clean technologies have the potential to become integral components of the global energy mix for a sustainable future.

In March 2015 Solar Impulse started the First Round-The-World Solar Flight from Abu Dhabi. The route included stop-overs in Oman, India, Myanmar, China and Japan. After completing the record breaking Pacific crossing the plane reached Hawaii, where it will stay until 2016. In April next year Solar Impulse plans to continue its adventure by flying across the U.S.A. and over the Atlantic Ocean, heading back to Abu Dhabi.

Our partnership

Insuring the impossible, encouraging the next big thing

Bertrand Piccard, initiator and Chairman of Solar Impulse, was clear: “From the beginning of the project I had in my mind, and also in my heart, the wish to have Swiss Re on board,” he said during the announcement of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions as their sole insurance partner.

"This partnership is an excellent fit between two organisations who share a belief that innovation can flourish when knowledge and expertise is combined across industries," says Agostino Galvagni, CEO of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. “We are showing that we have the expertise to match Solar Impulse's needs on a project which will potentially revolutionise the way we power society."

Indeed, over the years Swiss Re has emerged as a leading voice in the areas of sustainability, climate mitigation & adaptation and renewable energy. Supporting the Solar Impulse project is yet another contribution towards reducing society’s dependency on fossil fuels.

Watch Agostino Galvagni, CEO Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, announcing the partnership:

Connecting point

The link between Solar Impulse and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is a shared aspiration to promote the innovation necessary to find new solutions to old problems.

“All the technologies we use are not secrets, they are available today,” said Piccard. “If they were massively used, we could already divide by two the world’s fossil fuels consumption and produce half of the rest with renewable energies.”

As to why such technologies are not massively available in the market, he said, “Probably the reason is a lack of pioneering spirit. But Swiss Re Corporate Solutions knows very well the effect of the use of fossil fuels. We like to work with partners who are pioneers.”

Watch Dr. Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Chairman of Solar Impulse, explaining the rationale of this partnership:
Published 28 June 2013

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