Across America Mission

The Solar Impulse across America mission flight took the zero-fuel airplane from San Francisco to Washington DC and New York City, with four further stop-overs along the way. As sole insurer of Solar Impulse, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is proud to have been part of this historic mission.


The “Across America” mission at a glance 

18 April 2013: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' hosts an exclusive preview of Solar Impulse. Read more and watch a video interview between Mr. Petrilli, Head North America and Solar Impulse's pilot B. Piccard during the planes' first flight in the U.S.

3-4 May 2013: First leg San Francisco/Moffett Airfield – Phoenix/Sky Harbor

22-23 May 2013: Second leg Phoenix/Sky Harbor – Dallas/Fort Worth

3-4 June 2013: Third leg Dallas/Fort Worth – St. Louis/Lambert Airport

14 June 2013: Fourth leg St. Louis/Lambert Airport - Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport

15-16 June 2013: Fifth leg Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport - Washington DC/Dulles. Watch a very interesting call between Mr. Bouteille, Key Account Management Leader North America and Solar Impulse's pilot Andre Borschberg, during the zero-fuel airplane's flight to Washington DC


20 June 2013:Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' exclusive preview of Solar Impulse at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Read more.

6 July 2013: Sixth and last leg Washington DC/Dulles – New York/JFK. Read More.

Solar Impulse New York events

In June, Solar Impulse landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the last stop before its Atlantic Ocean crossing.

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Solar Impulse 2 resumes its historic...

Solar Impulse 2, the airplane capable of flying day and night without using a drop of fuel, resumed its round-the-world flight using only solar energy.

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