Aviation safety training program

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers clients an advanced training program that is at the forefront of aviation safety. The innovative program is available through an arrangement with prominent aviation flight simulation and training companies, CAE and Aviation Performance Solutions (APS). As an incentive towards lowering risk through advanced training, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers premium credits to qualifying general aviation clients.

This advanced safety training program is focused on mitigating loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) through advanced upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT). LOC-I is one of the leading causes of airplane crashes and passenger fatalities in the aviation industry.

UPRT is the only program of its kind available within the aviation industry that promotes comprehensive and integrated upset prevention and recovery training through credit incentives. The goal of this program is to elevate aviation safety through advanced pilot training. By embedding financial incentives to complete advanced training into the insurance purchase, clients can access and implement practical risk management and threat mitigation strategies.


Mid-sized commercial and industrial aid operators of fixed-wing jet and turbo prop aircraft are eligible to participate in this program through Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

How it works

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions will offer premium credits to qualifying accounts which help offset the cost of the UPRT course, as well as initial and recurrent pilot training programs. Training programs are discounted by CAE and APS exclusively for clients of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. Clients earn program credit equal to ten percent (10%) of gross premium, up to a maximum of USD 25,000.

The course, offered through collaboration with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and CAE, is APS' premier program and represents the most comprehensive, useful, transferable and long-lasting loss of control in-flight mitigation training available in the world today. The integrated jet upset program is a 3-day course. Components of the training include:

  • preparatory web-based self-study course covering all aspects of the industry-recognized Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid - Revision 2;
  • on-aircraft professional pilot upset recovery training program (4.5 in-flight missions and 7.5 hours of specialized ground instruction)
  • a 1-hour jet-specific high performance briefing by jet pilots for jet pilots
  • a culminating 2-hour session in a business jet full flight simulator.

Click here to download the safety training program brochure.

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