Sun traps and cool appliances that respect the environment

Combining the benefits of Swiss Re’s COYou2 Reduce and Gain programme with his own DIY skills, London-based employee Tom has made substantial savings on the installation of a solar-powered hot water system. The result was rapid and extremely impressive. In 2007 Tom didn't need to use the gas water heater at all from March through to September – and that was for a family of five!

Building for the future

Tom was rebuilding his house on energy-efficient principles, so he was very keen to make use of the company’s COYou2 Reduce and Gain Programme. “I reckoned that solar hot water would generate the biggest reduction in CO² from our household with a fairly quick payback.” He had quickly concluded that the government-approved contractors were far too expensive. So he decided to purchase the hardware himself and take on part of the installation work as a DIY project. This resulted in savings of roughly 60% compared to the original cost estimates he had received.

An unbureaucratic approach

“Swiss Re was really unbureaucratic about accepting my receipt-laden claim”, Tom recalls. The performance of the installation has been impressive. “In 2007, for instance, I didn't need to use the gas water heater at all from March through to September for our five-strong household – and that is during a typical British summer! How good is that?” he proudly points out.

Cool appliances

Tom has gone on to claim a COYou2 subsidy on his purchase of an energy-efficient fridge and a freezer. He calculated that the freezer should pay for itself in lower electricity bills in about two years. “I think it’s fantastic that the company provides this kind of support."

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

We have a long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility and strive to implement this across our business. Our performance has received high ratings from independent third-party organisations.

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Swiss Re Milizpreis 2018

On 4 June 2018, Renato Fassbind, Vice Chairman of Swiss Re’s Board of Directors, presented the 2018 Swiss Re Civilian Service Prize to CHEIRA – Swiss Humanitarian Surgery, an association created in 2015...

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