Schauspielhaus Zürich

The Schauspielhaus Zurich is Switzerland’s largest theatre and one of the most influential in the German-speaking world.

Swiss Re has been supporting the Schauspielhaus for 20 years in 2013.

With the traditional Pfauen venue in Zurich Hottingen and more recently the Schiffbau stage in Zurich West it is now represented in two districts. Around 20 new productions are scheduled each season. In total, the Schauspielhaus hosts about 600 performances with a daily capacity of up to 1 500 seats. Drawing over 150,000 spectators annually, it is one of the most important cultural institutions in Switzerland. Since 2009, the Schauspielhaus is led by Barbara Frey, who is the first women to hold this office since the theatre was founded in 1938.

In the season 2015/2016, we are sponsoring the play "Three sisters" by Anton Chekhov, directed by Barbara Frey.

The Three Sisters

"Oh, if life were such that everything grows younger and more beautiful!"

By the time Chekhov was working on The Three Sisters, in 1900, in Yalta, far from Moscow, he was deeply worn by illness. This may explain why his characters are so full of life and ready to surrender to love.

Often, their very yearning for life is their undoing. But how to live? Oh, to go to Moscow, to Moscow! Olga, Masha and Irina wish for nothing more than to return to the city of their childhood, romanticising it, longing for it. If they are enduring their provincial existence, it is only because they hope that their brother will be appointed a professor at the university in Moscow and take them with him. The play opens with a lunch party to honour Irina's saint's day which marks the end of a year of mourning for their late father. A moment of liberation! Life and death, closely intertwined. The plot spins on and perhaps it is the lives and loves of Chekhov's characters that fans the mighty flames in act three. By then the soldiers who caused all this distraction and confusion have nearly all left town. In the end the three sisters are alone. Andrej has settled down in the provincial town, Moscow is more elusive than ever, and the question is, is life over or is it only just beginning?

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