Opernhaus Zürich

The unique ensemble of the Opernhaus Zürich enchants domestic and international audiences alike with its performances from both the classical and modern repertoire.

Swiss Re has been a production sponsor of the Opernhaus Zürich since 1960.

The Opera was founded as the "Actien-Theater" in 1834. The original "Actien-Theater" burnt down in 1890 and was replaced by Fellner und Helmer and was thereafter known as "Stadttheater". Between 1982 and1984, the Opera House as it stands today was renovated and enlarged. The Opera orchestra and the Tonhalle orchestra parted ways in 1985, which is when the new Opera Orchestra was founded. The venue was renamed Opernhaus in 1964 and seats 1 100.

In 2012 the Opernhaus launched the baroque cycle under new director Andreas Homoki. It kicked-off with the production of Marthaler's "SALE", followed by Handel's opera "Alcina". In the season 2014/2015, Swiss Re is the production sponsor of "La Verità in Cimento" by Antonio Vivaldi, which premiers on 25 May 2015.

La Verità in Cimento

Premiere 25 May 2015

Dramma per musica in three acts, libretto by Giovanni Palazzi

To all intents and purposes, everything in the family of the patriarch Mamud is just as it should be. The family is prosperous and relationships are clear. The two women at Mamud’s side, his wife and ex-mistress, have come to terms with one another. Now adults, the sons Mamud has sired with the women are interested in acceding to their father’s powerful legacy. There is even a young beauty waiting as a good match for the heir. However, the head of the family suddenly wants to get the great lie of his life off his chest: Mamud swapped his two sons at birth in order at least to give his rejected mistress the satisfaction of knowing that her child, and not that of her rival, would grow up as the heir. The scandalous news plunges all the members of the family into a serious identity crisis, a storm of intrigue, hysteria and despair. La verità in cimento – the truth on trial.

There is still a prejudice in many heads that the prolific Venetian baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi was only moderately talented. Yet he was one of the most charismatic artistic personalities of the 18th century and a brilliant musical dramatist who left a hitherto largely undiscovered treasure trove of operas. Vivaldi wrote ravishingly virtuoso arias, worked effectively with contrasting orchestration and, moreover, had a metropolitan Venetian sense of irony and subliminal social criticism. In his opera La verità in cimento,which has scarcely ever been performed on stage, all these qualities come into their own. The Italian baroque expert Ottavio Dantone will be conducting this long-buried opera at the rostrum of our Orchestra La Scintilla in a production by the German director Jan-Philipp Gloger.

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