Miller’s Studio

Originally launched as a jazz venue, in the 1980s, Miller's soon evolved into one of the most renowned cabaret houses in the German-speaking world, its home of Mühle Tiefenbrunnen, an old mill, being ideally suited for the purpose.

We are the main sponsor of Miller’s and have been supporting them since 1992.

This season, Barbara Ellenberger joined Miller's as new artistic director. Together with administration director Matthias Riesenhuber she is keen to present their exciting and eclectic new programme - ranging from classic cabaret to poetry slam, jazz concerts, literature, dinner theatre and many more.

In the season 2015/16 we are supporting the newly established format "Literatur Hoch Zwei" (literature squared).

"Literatur Hoch Zwei" (Literature squared)

Literary journeys into the unknown known. The drums in the night make our heart beat to different rhythms. Ecstatic introductions by Stefan Zweifel then lure us into the boundless realm of fantasy and poetry. This resonates in a unique way with the stimulating atmosphere created by Thomas Sarbacher's voice. Enchanted, we leave our day-to-day life behind and delve into texts that reveal the broad contours of a different world.

Literary ecstasy that expands our consciousness.

Stefan Zweifel sets an intellectually thrilling flow in motion and provides the scene of the journey.
Thomas Sarbacher's readings are precise and restrained, creating a lively atmosphere.
Julian Sartorius explores the literary duet with his sticks and brooms.

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Corporate responsibility

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