Miller’s Studio

Originally launched as a jazz venue, in the 1980s, Miller's Studio soon evolved into one of the most renowned cabaret houses in the German-speaking world, its home of Mühle Tiefenbrunnen, an old mill, being ideally suited for the purpose.

Swiss Re is the main sponsor of Miller’s Studio. We have been supporting Miller’s Studio since 1992 and in particular, the international “Spektakuli” cabaret festival.

Last season, Miller's Studio revisited its roots and revived the Jazz at Miller's series to add music to its fare. Starting with the 2014/15 season, it has ratcheted up its programming to nearly 160 performances each season, up from about 100. Beyond cabaret and jazz, other mainstays include the children's theatre and talks on current events.

Spektakuli international cabaret festival

Miller's Studio has hosted the Spektakuli international cabaret festival for 22 years now. In a ten-day run from late May to early June each year, the festival presents cabaret and kleinkunst theatre groups from all over the German-speaking world. And in partnering with the Blaue Ente restaurant next door, Miller's Studio (and the festival along with it) includes a dining option to please any palate.

Spektakuli 2015: new programming format

To consolidate its festival feel and format, Spektakuli in 2015 has been given a motto. "Alle meschugge? – Alle meschugge!" (everyone is meshuga, or crazy) is the title of special-focus programming scheduled to run from 28 May to 6 June this year, the first year ever, alongside the "standard" festival programme. To commemorate the end of World War II in Europe 70 years ago, Miller's Studio will spotlight cabaret in exile during the Third Reich, tracing the roots of Viennese cabaret which between the wars was dominated by Jewish artists. Alongside a cabaret programme showcasing Vienna's Jewish cabaret greats, among them Armin Berg, Hermann Leopoldi and Georg Kreisler, there will be a range of supporting events including panels, films, concerts and an exhibition to mark the 70th anniversary year.

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Corporate responsibility

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