Swiss Re Milizpreis (Civilian Service Prize)

This annual prize honours personalities who show exceptional commitment to a community service activity in parallel to their professional obligations.

The Swiss Re “Milizpreis” – or Civilian Service Prize – was created in 2000 by Ulrich Bremi, former Chairman of the Board of Directors. The first prize was awarded in 2001 and it consists of a package of Swiss Re shares. Each year the presentation is made by the current Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Nominations for candidates for the Swiss Re Milizpreis are welcomed from both employees and third parties.

Winner 2017: The youth-project "LIFT"

On 14 June 2017, Walter B. Kielholz, Chairman of Swiss Re’s Board of Directors, presented the 2017 Swiss Re Civilian Service Prize.

Am 14. Juni 2017 vergab Swiss Re zum 17. Mal den vom ehemaligen Verwaltungsratspräsidenten Ulrich Bremi und Swiss Re gestifteten Milizpreis.

Winner 2016: Federal Youth Session

On 30 June 2016, Walter Kielholz, Chairman of Swiss Re’s Board of Directors, presented the Swiss Re Civilian Service Prize 2016 to representatives of the Federal Youth Session, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Am 30. Juni 2016 überreichte Walter B. Kielholz, Präsident des Verwaltungsrates von Swiss Re, den Milizpreis 2016 an die Eidgenössische Jugendsession, welche dieses Jahr ihr 25-jähriges Jubiläum feiert.

Winner 2015: Susanna Fassbind

Swiss Re Chairman Walter B. Kielholz awards the Swiss Re Civilian Service Prize 2015 to Susanna Fassbind, board member of the KISS association.

Walter B. Kielholz, Präsident des Verwaltungsrates von Swiss Re, verleiht den Swiss Re Milizpreis 2015 an Susanna Fassbind, Gründungs- und Vorstandsmitglied des Vereins KISS.

Winner 2014: Cinema Sil Plaz

Ulrich Bremi, former Chairman of the Board of Directors at Swiss Re, awards the Swiss Re Civilian Service Prize 2014 to the Executive Board members of the Cinema Sil Plaz in Ilanz.

Ulrich Bremi, ehemaliger Präsident des Verwaltungsrates von Swiss Re, verleiht den Swiss Re- Milizpreis 2014 an die Vorstandsmitglieder des Cinema Sil Plaz in Ilanz.

Winner 2013: Swiss Association for Myopathy

Erica Brühlmann-Jecklin, founder of the Swiss Association for Myopathy is awarded the 2013 Swiss Re Milizpreis. The Association, which supports people with muscular disorders and their families, also functions as a knowledge exchange platform for doctors treating this disease.

Milizpreis 2012

Winner 2012: Tele D Foundation

Walter B Kielholz awards the 2012 Swiss Re Milizpreis to Peter Schuppli, founder and president of the "Tele D" foundation, a private regional television station in Eastern Switzerland.

Walter B Kielholz verleiht den Swiss Re Milizpreis 2012 an Peter Schuppli, Gründer und Präsident der Stiftung "Tele D," einen privaten Regionalsender in der Ostschweiz.

Winner 2011: Bono Pro Association

Walter B Kielholz awards the 2011 Swiss Re Milizpreis to Dr Marc Laperrouza, co-founder and president of bono pro, an association that awards rolling stipends to eligible students.

Walter B Kielholz verleiht den Swiss Re Milizpreis 2011 an Dr Marc Laperrouza, Mitgründer und Präsident des Vereins bono pro, der rollende Stipendien an qualifizierte Studierende vergibt.


Winner 2010: Garda Alexander

Walter Kielholz awards 2010 Swiss Re Milizpreis to Ms. Garda Alexander for her commitment to “Child & Art”, giving socially disadvantaged children the opportunity to express themselves via creative activities.

Walter Kielholz verleiht den Swiss Re Milizpreis 2010 an Garda Alexander für ihr Engagement “Kunst & Kind,” mit dem sie sozial benachteiligten Kindern zur Möglichkeit verhilft, sich künsterlisch und gestaltend auszudrücken.


Winner 2009: Anita Hammer-Kaufmann

The prize - consisting of a financial contribution of CHF 40,000 - is awarded to Mrs Anita Hammer-Kaufmann for her 20-year-long commitment to provide assistance to children, elderly and impaired persons in Bulgaria.

Mrs Hammer-Kaufmann is recognised as the entreprenurial driving force behind an assistance effort that essentially relies on informal networks, creativity in finding potential donors and perseverance in surmounting obstacles in a pragmatic way.

Winner 2008: Family Pfister and Family Elmiger Reutimann

The prize – consisting of 200 Swiss Re shares - was
awarded for the eighth time at the 2008 Annual General Meeting. Peter Forstmoser was pleased to honour two winning families who were recognised for their long-standing commitment to voluntary work in two very diverse areas of activity.

The first family, Kurt and Irene Pfister with their sons Adrian and Simon Pfister, were honoured for their long-standing commitment to reforestation of rural areas in Ethiopia.

The second family, Daniel & Magdalena Elmiger Reutimann, a young bio-farming family from Guntalingen (Canton of Zurich), received the prize for their long-standing, strong commitment to the development of cultural activities in the Zürich Weinland, in particular the Stammertal region (which consists of the three communities of Unter- and Oberstammheim, and Waltalingen).

Winner 2007: Dr Daniel Heini and Dr Claude Heini

The brothers Daniel and Claude Heini received the prize in recognition of their long-standing and vigorous commitment to the development of the Swiss Hunger Project. The Heinis have been actively engaged in this project since the 1990s, working in parallel to their professional careers at UBS.

The Swiss Hunger Project was created in 1983 and is part of the Global Hunger Project. Daniel Heini is president of the Assocation Swiss Hunger Project. Claude Heini is its vice president. The Association’s activities focus on raising funds to support the Global Hunger Project, which has the primary goal of overcoming chronic hunger in developing countries.


Winner 2006:  Burkhard P Varnholt

Dr Burkhard P Varnholt was honoured for his initiative Kids of Africa, a charitable, non-government, non-profit organisation devoted to dealing with the plight of orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda.

Having been involved with helping orphaned children since 1999, Dr Varnholt founded the Kids of Africa project in 2004 and continuously supports it as president of the Kids of Africa Association. His initiative has resulted in the creation of a permanent home for around 50 children in a family at a children’s village in Entebbe, on Lake Victoria. The village is built around four pragmatic core principles: A mother, a family, a home, a community.

Winner 2005: François Rapeaud

Mr François Rapeaud was awarded the prize for his commitment to the non-profit organisation ESPOIR. ESPOIR has been working to improve the circumstances and rights of disadvantaged children since 1992. In Zurich the association looks after up to 200 children each year whose parents are victims of illness or are going through other kinds of crisis.

Winner 2004: Giovanni Trivella

Mr Giovanni Trivella received the award in recognition of his founding the St. Moritz ski school for the blind; he also helped organise the first world congress on blind alpine skiing and, in 2003, trained as a guide for a blind skier in the Swiss National Disabled Team.

Winner 2003: Claudine Bolay Zgraggen and Enrique Steiger

Mrs. Claudine Bolay Zgraggen was honoured for her efforts as president of "Welt ohne Minen" and of the "Mütterhilfe" association. Enrique Steiger, M.D., has participated in humanitarian missions to war zones and crisis-stricken regions and is involved in a project designed to protect wounded and needy civilians in areas of conflict.


Winner 2002: Beat Furrer and the Drivers for Tixi - Transport for Disabled

Mr. Beat Furrer received the award in recognition of his longstanding commitment in various Civilianservice functions in which he has been an inspiration to many volunteers. His commitment has significantly influenced TIXI's positive development. TIXI is a transportation service for disabled persons, using volunteers as drivers. The prize for 2002 was divided equally between the drivers for TIXI and Beat Furrer.


Winner 2001: Daniel Sarbach, Vreni and Walter Bosshard, Bruno Jelk

The Swiss Re CivilianService Prize was awarded for the first time in 2001. Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Vreni Bosshard of Bulach were honoured for their services to promote popular sports and sports for disabled persons in Switzerland.

Also receiving the award was Mr Daniel Sarbach, for his founding of the English-speaking Wallisellen International School. Since opening its doors in 1999, the school has greatly contributed to Zurich's attractiveness as an international business location.

Third prize recipient was Mr Bruno Jelk, for his commitment to mountain rescue work. Bruno Jelk is a trained mountain guide and ski instructor. He has been the volunteer rescue chief in Zermatt for 21 years.

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