Our corporate responsibility performance

We regularly report on our corporate responsibility performance in line with key stakeholder expectations. The assessments of rating agencies and other organisations provide us with valuable benchmarks.

Yearly reporting

Starting with an Environmental Report in 1998, we have been publishing a yearly report tracking our corporate responsibility (CR) performance.

The 2013 CR Report describes Swiss Re’s approach to corporate responsibility and provides a comprehensive review of all relevant activities across our business. It includes an independent assurance statement on the Group’s CO2 emissions plus a content index referring to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Ratings and index listings

We regularly provide information to specialised rating agencies that evaluate companies’ corporate responsibility performance. The resulting assessments act as a valuable benchmark for our performance and frequently provide the basis for investment decisions and inclusion in special indexes.

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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

We have a long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility and strive to implement this across our business. Our performance has received high ratings from independent third-party organisations.

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Enabling sustainable progress:...

This Report details our strategic approach to corporate responsibility and reviews the main actions we have taken in 2014 to support sustainable progress.

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