Sponsoring of arts & culture

Swiss Re’s understanding of corporate social responsibility has long included cultivating art and culture in Zurich.

We see cultural sponsorship as a way to give back to the city where Swiss Re has flourished since 1863 and to make it an even more attractive place for our employees, partners and the general public to live and to work.

Our sponsorship of art, music and theatre is rooted in our commitment to excellence, to partnership and to enhancing the quality of life in Zurich not only economically but culturally too. In the spirit of our brand promise “We’re smarter together”, we seek collaborations with first-class cultural institutions that sustain and deepen our relationships within and outside Swiss Re. In our offices, we collect and display art that inspires fresh ideas and sparks dialogue among employees as well as visitors.

Swiss Re’s involvement in Zurich’s cultural life reflects our sense of belonging and our lasting commitment to the region. While it also serves to strengthen the Swiss Re brand among key stakeholders, our primary aim in nurturing art, music and theatre is to ensure that Zurich remains one of the world’s most stimulating cities.