Swiss Re’s Switzerland Charity of the Year policy

Application process

The charity scheme runs from 1 January to 31 December inclusive.

Charities must be registered in Switzerland to apply. If you wish to apply, you should complete the application form (doc) and send it to Swiss Re’s Corporate Citizenship. All applications will be assessed and, following careful consideration, three applicants will be short-listed for a final vote by our employees for Charity of the Year.

The deadline for applications is the end of September each year. Applicants who miss this deadline will need to reapply for the following year if they wish to be considered.

A charity must fulfil the following criteria to be considered for the Charity of the Year scheme:

  • The charity must be able to present a convincing project in the area of education and social development, preferably with quantifiable impact on the community where Swiss Re does business.
  • The partner organization must have established a good reputation as a reliable non-profit organization.
  • The charity’s activities must be in broader context to our core business and reflect our core competencies: Engagement, Excellence, Sustainability and Integrity.
  • For administrative reasons, the charity must have offices with a critical size of workforce capacity in the country/location where Swiss Re employees shall fundraise for it and must be tax exempt.
  • The charity must not have an exclusive approach to the people it helps (no religious, political, racial or other discriminatory preferences).

Acceptable activities:

  • education
  • health and human services
  • environmental
  • children and youth
  • social care and welfare

Not acceptable activities:

  • sports (unless connected with fundraising activities that are physically demanding and fulfil the criteria for volunteering; for example this may be a run, walk, swim, parachute jump or abseil)
  • media cooperation projects
  • print, audio or film projects (unless in connection with a broader programme)
  • infrastructure/organisational costs, basic financing of institutions and foundations
  • congresses/seminars, exhibitions, anniversaries (except where related to the business through a sponsored category)

Selection process

If a charity has been chosen as Charity of the Year previously, it cannot be selected again within a four year period.

  1. Incoming applications will be assessed by Corporate Citizenship and a shortlist of three charities will be submitted to all employees for a final vote by the end of October.
  2. The charity which receives the most votes will be announced by Corporate Citizenship as Charity of the following year by end of November.The elected charity will receive a minimum donation at the beginning of the charity year (January).
  3. The employees will have the opportunity to volunteer and/or to raise funds for the Charity of the Year during the entire year. The contributions will be matched by Swiss Re by the end of the charity year.

What we can offer

  • Minimum donation
  • Various fund raising activities/events throughout the year, to be agreed and managed jointly
  • Support at the chosen charity’s annual function
  • Volunteering by Swiss Re employees